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How To Combine Grey Clothes

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Combine Grey Clothes

Grey is a color that goes with virtually every other color. Red, black, white and if you want to make an impression, combine it with yellow or orange. Grey works all year round and can be worn during any season. Thus, it's one of the basic colours par excellence. You can wear grey in clothes or accessories and it's a colour suitable for both men and women. At we'll give you some ideas about how to combine grey clothes for any season.

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Steps to follow:


You can combine grey clothes for evening-wear or for a party. If you've been invited to a special event and you have a grey dress in the closet, this is the perfect time to wear it. Grey is an elegant colour and can be combined with lots of accessories such as black shoes with a matching shawl in the same colour. Or, if you want to add a little more colour to your look, be daring and combine it with a bluish grey. It'll be a smashing combination!

How To Combine Grey Clothes - Step 1

Who wouldn't love a pair of grey boots? You can combine them with almost anything and they're ideal for a casual look, and they'll make you feel warm in the winter. You can choose from countless styles: low, high, heeled, with a buckle, or without heels...They'll go with almost any look, from jeans to skinny black pants, or if you're into a more casual look, wear high grey boots without heels and combine them with a colored skirt.

How To Combine Grey Clothes - Step 2

For men, grey is also a versatile color for everyday wear or for a party or special event. Grey suits don't have to be boring. There are striped and mottled ones or those with a grey that has another tone or design to it, making it stylish and current. Also, you can combine them with fun or daring ties, depending on your taste. In any case, does anyone doubt how elegant a man is with a grey suit?

How To Combine Grey Clothes - Step 3

Accessories are another way to incorporate grey into your wardrobe on a daily basis. For example, a grey coat, a waistcoat or a handbag. Grey is ideal for an elegant, autumn look, if you've chosen a different dress color, such as green or blue.

If you want a more edgy look you can also combine it with faux black leather or vinyl for a perfect combination of stylish and rock'n roll.

How To Combine Grey Clothes - Step 4

Grey is a color that's often associated with autumn and winter, probably due to the kind of light there is during those months. The most attractive look for men is to wear grey combined with other grey tones. You can choose one shade of grey for a coat and a different and softer one for accessories such as a hat and scarf (which should be the same tone). This won't be a boring look. In fact, it'll be quite the opposite, both elegant and attractive. Just remember to keep both tones in balance and not to combine more than two tones of grey, though, like you can see in the picture, you can then use other dark tones such as black, brown or white for a more casual look.

How To Combine Grey Clothes - Step 5

Another great idea to combine grey clothes is to do so with pastel colors and light material such as chiffon. Pastel pinks, turquoise and purples will make you look aloof and misty.

How To Combine Grey Clothes - Step 6

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How To Combine Grey Clothes