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How to know what colours suit you

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to know what colours suit you

Surely someone has once told you how good you look today, or how great you look in a particular garment, and you may have thought "but if I have thousands of clothes like this, why is this the one you like?", then perhaps you have not taken into account the importance of the colour your clothes, which goes beyond your personal preferences, as certain colours will promote your skin tones and highlight your style. If you do not know for sure what they are, here's how to know what colours suit you.

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Steps to follow:


If your are dark skinned forget beige and brown colours, because they make you to look lifeless, its better to dare to experiment with colours like white, yellow and all pastel ranges to soften your features and highlight your skin. Darker colours will inevitably give you a harsh look. This does not mean you need to forget black, just do not use it always and when you do, intelligently combine it with another colour which suits you.

How to know what colours suit you - Step 1

For pale skin there is nothing better than bright and vivid colours. Red, fuchsia, blue, green, yellow and violet, this type of complexion manages to convey strength, although it is not recommended to use orange, beige or gold.

How to know what colours suit you - Step 2

For yellow skins type, which get a beautiful tan during the summer, red, pink and lilac tones are recommended making you stand out. Earthy colours are not as flattering.

How to know what colours suit you - Step 3

For darker skin colours ,are all great except blacks, greys and browns that do not make you particularly stand out. Again, this does not mean that banish your clothes, you just need to know how to combine them.

How to know what colours suit you - Step 4

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  • Combines neutral colours with more vivid ones to create a casual style.
  • If you like to look cheerful, then experiment with the colours that suit you and dare to try them out.
  • These tips are a guide, to know what looks good on you and to know how to try to experiment with clothing
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How to know what colours suit you