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How Often to Do a Manicure

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How Often to Do a Manicure

There are many beauty treatments that we use frequently to make us more attractive and improve our personal image. And one of the most important is the manicure as it beautifies nails and make hands look nice and presentable. Besides knowing all the steps that must be followed when doing a manicure, it is also essential to be aware of how often you should do a manicure so that the nails are always perfect and grow healthily.

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  1. Importance of a manicure
  2. How often to do a manicure
  3. Key steps to a perfect manicure

Importance of a manicure

A manicure is an aesthetic task that shows off well maintained, beautiful and incredible looking nails. Not only does it serve to beautify hands, it also promotes healthy nails, protecting against agents that can damage its structure and prevent the occurrence of problems such as stretch marks, breaks, dehydration or fragility.

An excellent nail care will make nails grow stronger and more resistant, and if you suffer from any kind of alteration in colour or shape, a good manicure can help combat it as it is a hygienic treatment. Now let's see how often to do a manicure.

How often to do a manicure

If you've ever thought about how often to do a manicure you should know that, in order to maintain impeccable nails, it is recommended to carry it out once a week. To avoid blemishes, it is crucial to use good tools and good quality products, or else having perfect nails for seven days will be impossible. It is better to invest a little more money on products to ensure durability and better care of your nails, instead of low cost products that will eventually damage nails' structure and hence their appearance.

Once a week is the general guideline. However, how often to do a manicure also depends on your lifestyle and manicure preferences. If you work with your hands and nails get easily damaged, you will need to do a manicure once a week. In the same way, if you like long nails, you should go for a manicure once a week. On the contrary, if you like short nails or do not use your hands for hard work, doing a manicure once every two weeks will work.

Key steps to a perfect manicure

In case you want to do manicures at home it is important not to overlook any of the following steps, so that you will get radiant hands:

  • Remove any remaining nail polish from the previous manicure.
  • Use a nail clipper to give the same length to all nails.
  • Soften cuticles with a specific oil for it, removing them with a cuticle stick, avoiding cutting.
  • Shape the nails with a quality file, starting with one of the edges of the nail and sliding towards the other in one direction. Especially avoid smoothing the corners of the nails in a vertical direction.
  • Wash hands and brush nails with a soft brush.
  • Apply a hardener.
  • Apply chosen nail polish.

Now you not only know how often to do manicure, you also know how to do it.

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How Often to Do a Manicure