Common Mistakes When Straightening Your Hair

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Common Mistakes When Straightening Your Hair

Hair straighteners are an indispensable tool in the daily life of many women, as they style your hair and smooth it down completely in just a few minutes. However, it is a device that subjects hair to high temperatures and if not used properly, it ends up seriously damaging it and finally, far from smooth and beautiful hair, makes it look damaged and dry. In this OneHowTo article discover what the common mistakes when straightening your hair are and avoid them at all costs!

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Steps to follow:

Not protecting your hair. One of the most common mistakes when straightening hair is that very few women use thermal protector. This product, although it may seem insignificant, is the best tool for protecting hair from the heat and high temperatures of the straightener and other apparatus such as hairdryers or curling irons. You just have to apply the thermal protector evenly through your damp hair before drying and straightening it. This way you stop your hair from being weakened and drying out too much.


Very high temperatures. We don't all have the same type of hair and that is why every woman should adjust the temperature of their straightener to the exact needs of their hair. Straightening your hair at the maximum temperature will not make it smoother and prettier, but on the contrary, will deeply damage hair fibres, finally making it crispy, rough and fluffy. Experts recommend a temperature between 170° and 190° for normal hair, or 160 if you have thin, damaged or dyed hair.

Common Mistakes When Straightening Your Hair - Step 2

Over-straightening one area. Using the straightener on the same lock of hair over and over again for super straight hair will eventually burn the hair fibres and seriously damage them. Avoid this mistake when straightening your hair by splitting it into smaller sections and brushing and straightening each section once. You must also move the straightener in one smooth action to avoid leaving the hair marked with horizontal lines where the hair hasn't been straightened properly.


With wet hair. Another major mistake, threatening the health of your hair, is straightening your hair while it is still wet or damp. If you ever hear a kind of hissing or see steam, this means that your hair isn't completely dry and that instead of straightening it, you'll be scorching and damaging it. Try to remove all moisture from your hair before using straighteners and the end result will be much more flattering.

Common Mistakes When Straightening Your Hair - Step 4

Overuse. Abusing straighteners and subjecting your hair to high temperatures every day greatly weakens the hair cuticle ultimately resulting in very damaged hair that will not look beautiful and healthy. Try not to use this device every time you wash your hair and straighten it instead using a hairdryer, since it doesn't come into direct contact with the hair, the hot air given off is less harmful.

If you have overused the hair straightener you should know there are other natural remedies for hair straightening.

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Common Mistakes When Straightening Your Hair
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Common Mistakes When Straightening Your Hair

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