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How to remove makeup using olive oil

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to remove makeup using olive oil
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Makeup makes us look really beautiful and brightens our skin to make it flawless without blemishes and full of life. But it is sure that for the skin to not become affected and remain healthy and radiant at all times you have to remove your makeup every day and moisturize properly. Focusing on the task of removing facial makeup on OneHowTo we present some of the most valuable natural products to perform this action, such as olive oil. It is very useful to cleanse the skin while repairing, moisturising and keeping it young-looking. Find out how to remove makeup with olive oil.

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Steps to follow:


Using olive oil as a natural cleanser is very beneficial for skin tissue and besides, you'll be surprised with the spectacular final result: smooth and extra fresh skin! Pay attention to the following steps to remove all traces of makeup from the face.

How to remove makeup using olive oil - Step 1
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To remove makeup with olive oil, use cotton pads you can find them at any chemist or supermarket. First, pour olive oil droplets onto the cotton wool pad.


Now, pass the cotton wool pad over the skin starting at the forehead area and go down through the cheekbones, cheeks and up to the neck. It is important to stress, especially on the eyebrows and nostrils. End with the eye area.


When removing makeup, always use circular and smooth movements without pressing the cotton against the skin, to avoid damaging it. If you notice that one cotton wool is not enough or is too damp, use another one to finish removing makeup properly.


To remove eye makeup and protect sensitive skin in this area, a good option is to create a mixture of olive oil infused with thyme, or an olive oil and chamomile base. Both are very effective in removing all traces of mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and will also serve to reduce inflammation of puffiness and dark circles. Just prepare the infusion and let it cool. Then, soak a cotton ball, add a few drops of olive oil and you're ready to go!

How to remove makeup using olive oil - Step 5
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Finally, rinse your face with warm water then apply a cleansing gel and continue with your regular skin care routine.

How to remove makeup using olive oil - Step 6

You can also remove makeup with almond oil, a very effective and beneficial option for the skin. By removing makeup with natural oils, you nourish your skin while removing makeup.

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  • This natural cleanser is ideal for hydrating dry skin. However, it is not very beneficial for oily skin.
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How to remove makeup using olive oil