How To Make Rainbow Highlighter Makeup

By Nidhi Nangia. July 19, 2017
How To Make Rainbow Highlighter Makeup

The rainbow highlighter makeup trend has been taking over the beauty world by storm. You must have seen images of rainbow highlighter makeup everywhere on the Internet. The rainbow highlighter sells out fast, and it is quite expensive too. Rainbow highlighter makeup is something you won’t want to flaunt at every occasion, and you wouldn’t want to spend an entire week’s salary on something that you would only use sparingly. The good news is you can make your own highlighter at home! So, here comes this oneHOWTO article that will tell you how to make rainbow highlighter makeup on your own. With this recipe, you can actually make it at home for cheap, that too with fantastic results.

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Steps to follow to make this recipe:

The first step to make rainbow highlighter makeup is to take an empty, old or unused highlighter or eye shadow palette, and remove each color into a separate container. Thoroughly clean up this palette, making sure that not even a trace of the old color is left behind. You can even wash it and then let it dry to make it completely clean.

How To Make Rainbow Highlighter Makeup - Step 1

Take shimmery eye shadow colors of your choice. The trickiest part is to choose and mix the right colors. The result may be darker even if you choose light colors. It is recommended to mix softer hues, especially if you are working with blue, green and other highly pigmented colors. Pastel colors are best, and the shimmery shadows will give you a glowing look from within.


Take a butter knife and use it to take the colors out of their tray. Do not mix the colors, and keep them separate. You can pour each color powder in a muffin tray to keep them from mixing.


Completely smash and crush the colors one at a time. Try to crush them as finely as you can.

How To Make Rainbow Highlighter Makeup - Step 4

For each color of rainbow highlighter makeup, use a shimmery eye shadow, and separate each by color. For instance, mix some red eye shadow shimmer in a red color highlighter, and yellow shimmer in yellow highlighter. You may even add actual highlighters if there is not much shimmer in your eye shadows. Mix the highlighter until you are completely satisfied with the shimmer amount in your powder.


Ideally, a rainbow highlighter makeup should contain six or seven colors. The best colors to use are red, purple, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue. The colors you use can be your old ones, or you can buy some cheap ones from your nearby cosmetics store. By doing this, you will be saved from sacrificing your costly eye shadows to make this rainbow highlighter.


Add rubbing alcohol in your colors little at a time, until each color forms a paste. Add only one drop at a time, as you should not overdo it. You can add some more later, but you cannot take it out if you add too much.


Starting with the red, place the colors one by one into the empty palette. You can use a tooth pick to lay down color strips in the palette. After placing the color in the palette, smooth it out to make space for the next color. Repeat with all colors. You can take this time as an opportunity to customize your rainbow highlighter makeup the way you want it to. For instance, if you want more of red in your rainbow highlighter, then you can keep your red color stripe bigger in size than the others, and if you don’t want too much of green, you can keep it minimum. This kind of customization is not possible in store-bought rainbow highlighter palette.

How To Make Rainbow Highlighter Makeup - Step 8
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Absorb excess rubbing alcohol by dabbing it with a paper towel. Keep pressing the palette with the paper towel until the color stops transferring.


Allow the palette to dry completely. This can take around 24 hours. Once your rubbing alcohol evaporated completely, you will have a great rainbow highlighter to make your makeup extra vibrant.


Use a suitable brush to apply your rainbow highlighter makeup. It goes well with all kinds and colors of dresses, and is nothing to go out of fashion soon. Click here to know How To Apply Highlighter Makeup.

How To Make Rainbow Highlighter Makeup - Step 11
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How To Make Rainbow Highlighter Makeup
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How To Make Rainbow Highlighter Makeup

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