Why Is My Face Puffy In The Morning

Why Is My Face Puffy In The Morning
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Some days you wake up and look in the mirror cannot help but wonder: why is my face puffy in the morning? Your eyelids appear bigger than usual, wrinkles are noticeable from a distance, your cheeks look puffier and bags under your eyes indicate that something not right. The next time this happens you will know the answer. How? Keep reading this OneHowTo article where we explain why your face is puffy when you wake up.

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The most common cause of why your face is puffy in the morning is because you had a bad night. You were tossing and turning or suffer from insomnia which interrupts the sleep cycle of the body, during which the largest amount of collagen is produced which is responsible for giving elasticity, hydration and making the skin look smoother. In response to this biological alteration your face appears more swollen when you wake up because it lacks hydration and the rest you need.


If you've had a late night last night because you went out, look no further for an explanation, that's the reason why your face is puffy in the morning. In this case it is not only the absence of sleep, but the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol causes fluid retention in the body, causing your face to swell and look haggard. Get out of bed and moisturize.


A lack of facial hygiene can make your face greasy when you wake up. When you do not wash your face twice a day, or worse, sleep without removing your makeup, your skin accumulates toxins, dead, dirty cells and gobs of cosmetics that clog the pores and cause the face to swell. Wash your face twice a day in the morning and at night, with a soap made for your skin type.


If you haven't gotten a facial in a while, it is normal for your face to be puffy in the morning. This point is the same as the previous one, only in addition to accumulating dirt in the pores there is an accumulation of sebum produced by your body. The facial should be performed by a cosmetologist and you should get one at least twice a year.


Maybe your face is puffy in the morning as a reaction of your body to an allergy to a food or cosmetic product. If you eat something you do not normally eat or recently changed a cosmetic brand, this is likely to be the cause of you waking up with a swollen face.


Pathologies like sinusitis, colds or respiratory infections can make your face swollen in the morning. If you feel bad and have symptoms of the flu it is best to visit your doctor for proper treatment and to solve the two problems.

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