Why does hair get lighter in Summer

Why does hair get lighter in Summer

Do you notice after sunbathing or during the summer your hair turns lighter than usual? This is something that happens to us all, this is down to external factors depending on our hair's natural colour, which make it look lighter, darker or with some natural highlights. Dyed hair can also be affected or can even experience a slightchange in shade. If you want to know why your hair lightens in summer and how to look after it during this time of the year, keep reading this OneHowTo article.

Why does hair get lighter in summer: the sun

Without a doubt, the sun is the main external agent that lightens your hair in summer and if you wonder why, you should know that the combination of the sun's rays with oxygen in the air causes the melanin granules, which is the pigment that gives your hair its colour, to react leading to so-called natural highlights to appear. This happens with a lot more intensity in natural hair (especially blond and grey) that haven't been dyed, highlighted, coloured, etc., although dyed hair is also affected as it fades faster, and often can even change in shade.

The impact of UV rays on your hair, not only affects your hair colour but also damages its strength making it much more weak and brittle.

Why does your hair get lighter in summer: Chlorine and sea water

Apart from the sun, another external factor that lightens your hair in summer is the chlorine in swimming pools and seawater. These both negatively affect your hair's keratin by reacting with it, making your natural tone lighter and when it starts to dry, rough and damaged.

Chlorine from the water in swimming pools is extremely bad for coloured hair, and can greatly change your colour by, for example, making your hair turn slightly greenish or a very unflattering orange shade. Therefore, it is essential to wear a swim cap, look after your hair and wash it as soon as possible after going swimming.

In short, this is why your hair lightens in summer at this time of year, and why your hair is much weaker and less healthy than it is during winter.

Summer haircare

If you want hair that looks healthy, strong and shiny in summer and to stop these external agents from damaging it too much, take note of the following tips and put them into action!

  • Before going out into the sun, protect your hair by applying a hair spray with UV protection. If your hair is dyed, choose a specialised hair sunscreen to keep your colour intact and in good condition for longer.
  • Keep a leave-in conditioner in your beach bag and apply it on your wet hair after swimming. This way you can always keep it hydrated.
  • Use shampoo, conditioner and repairing and nourishing masks with UV protection when you wash your hair.
  • Don't overuse hairdryers or straighteners, it is better to let your hair dry naturally.
  • If your hair has done severely neglected or damaged, it is worth buying a hair serum or try these home remedies for damaged hair.
  • Don't forget to tidy up your hair in late summer with a good cut. This will be perfect for winter!

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