What to Wear with Stripes

What to Wear with Stripes
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If you thought striped clothes were out of fashion or you simply don't know what to wear them with and they're languishing at the bottom of your wardrobe, let us give you a hand with some basic guidelines for looking fabulous. Striped prints have always been considered a classic and, although you may not believe it, they're extremely versatile. The most common, risk-free combination is to wear a striped article of clothing with a pair of jeans, trousers or a skirt. But at OneHowTo.com, we'll explain what to wear with stripes in a new and fashionable way.

Steps to follow:

We all have a classic T-shirt or top with horizontal stripes in our wardrobe. Combining a top with a nice red skirt and a blue coat is such a chic ensemble, as the stripes become a mere detail next to the pairing of red and blue.

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If, however, you've got a T-shirt with multicolored stripes, then this outfit is much more daring. With a multicolored top, you can pick out one of the colors and wear a matching pair of leggings. So, in this case, perhaps a sharp pair of red leggings or skinny trousers.

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If you don't know what to wear with stripes on your skirt with horizontal or vertical stripes, although it may seem difficult to wear, try matching it with a solid color on the top. In this case, we have chosen white for the top layer, but there are many different options, as you will see shortly.

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Another combination for a pretty two-tone pencil skirt is to combine it with a jumper or T-shirt in a single color; in this case, with a plain, red jumper. You couldn't be more elegant and feminine.

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Striped dresses come in all styles and fabrics and are ideal in the summer when taking a stroll or going for a cocktail. Check out the dress in the photo. It's a beautiful fabric that's feminine, long and flowing; you could wear it with either flat sandals or high heels and you'd look absolutely sensational. For midseason, you could put on a cardigan or a jacket at night-time.

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With a striped, two-tone dress you can be very seductive, whether it's short, long, tight, or has a symmetrical or asymmetrical print. You can wear high heels, ballerina flats or sandals and you'll look fabulous. And with a red winter coat, you can achieve a look that's daring.

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And if you want to break all the rules, here's a great way to wear striped trousers. Although it might seem a bit risqué, wearing a pair of striped trousers is both modern and feminine. Look how beautiful you'll look in a black, tight- or loose-fitting jumper with a collared shirt.

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And here we recommend another daring option when wearing your striped trousers: match them with brightly coloured T-shirts, denim shirts, loose-fitting tops... You'll radiate a fresh and youthful image.

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