What To Wear With A Red Dress

What To Wear With A Red Dress

If you're one of those women who adore the colour red, a colour that is both strong and feminine, learn how to wear it to your best advantage. Therefore, in the following article at OneHowTo.com we'll give you some helpful tips about what to wear with a red dress. Look for shoes, bags and other accessories that best suit you and your particular style. Wearing a red dress, you'll become a true femme fatale. A woman who is sexy or elegant, classic and sophisticated. Make the most of a red dress and learn what to wear with it.

Combine a red dress with: shoes

Not all colors and styles of shoes can be worn with a red dress. The most recommended colors are black, gold, silver and red itself. Another good shoe option is a printed one, if you're so bold. However, although anyone can wear a red dress, you must consider the event that you'll be wearing it for.

  • Going out: if you want to have a night of dancing, or you've been invited to a party or to go out, it's best to opt for daring shoes. Shoes with an animal print - are very fashionable - and can make your look both sexy and fun.
  • Elegance: For a meeting or a formal event, you should maximize your elegance and sophistication. Colours like natural or nude, and black will give you a subtlety that's perfect for these occasions.

It's not recommended to combine a red dress with blue, green or brown colours. They usually don't go with reddish tones. If in doubt, it's best to consider accessories that will add the finishing touches to your look, such as the right shoes. Likewise, we also recommend you read the following article: Which shoes to wear with a red dress where you'll get plenty of ideas.

Combine a red dress with: handbags

Handbags, like shoes and other accessories, are an essential complement when knowing what to wear with a red dress. If your dress is made of a smooth fabric, a printed handbag will give a fun and hip touch to your look. However, red being a powerful and vivid color, we recommend that you opt for a small handbag, so as not to take away from the prominence of your dress. As for handbag colours, follow the same suggestions for shoes: black, gold, silver or nude are the perfect shades to wear with a red dress. Always try to match your shoes with your handbag.

Combine a red dress with: accessories

Belts are a great accessory that can add a unique and personal touch to any look. If you wear different belts, you'll have distinctive styles, with just the one dress. Remember to consider the colours previously mentioned, before choosing a belt. Jewellery is another accessory that shouldn't be overlooked. However, when wearing a red dress, it's better not to wear much jewellery, since the colour should be the main focus. Thus, we recommend choosing jewellery with reddish tones, paired with either gold or silver.

Red can be a tricky colour to pair. If you love red, read about how to combine a red blazer or what to wear with red shoes.

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