What to Wear with a Grey Blazer - Female

What to Wear with a Grey Blazer - Female

The blazer has become a basic garment for many women and this is thanks to its versatility. It can work for any season and is perfect to give any look a more elegant touch or to create a casual outfit with lots of personality. It is also a good option for those formal outfits that we need for going to work or for attending an important meeting. This time, we are going to focus on a grey-colored blazer, a color that in the right outfit will give you a perfect, serious and attractive look. Pay attention to the different looks we show you in this OneHowTo article and discover what to wear with a grey blazer.

Grey blazer and jeans, perfect for a casual look

A grey blazer is a perfect garment to finish off your informal, everyday looks, adding a very chic and sophisticated touch to your more casual garments such as jeans. Whether they be lighter-colored, dark, skinny, flared or boyfriend style, you can wear them with a blazer in this color and go for comfort while following the latest fashion.

A great way to finish off this outfit and make it more light is to wear a grey blazer with a white shirt or blouse. The type of shoe is up to you, you can wear trainers, flat or high-heeled boots, brogues, pumps, etc.

Grey blazer and black clothes

Would you like your grey blazer to be the star of your look? To do this, there's nothing better than wearing it with black clothes, which will highlight the blazer's grey color, and if it is a lighter shade then much more so. You can bet on a all-over black look and wear a blazer on top or add a white blouse or even one in grey to create some contrast.

A great way to emphasize your figure is to wear a blazer with black skinnies, a very fashionable garment that never fails and that is amazing for any outfit, whether it be formal or informal.

Grey blazer and striped shirts

If you have a striped t-shirt or shirt, then you have on one of the items that go best with a grey blazer. With a blazer, a striped shirt is more attention-grabbing and your look won't look as muted. The ones that work best are sailor-style shirts in black, navy or red.

For a more casual outfit a safe bet is to wear these two pieces with jeans and flat shoes such as those oh-so-fashionable brogues; and if you want a more dressed-up look, put on some stilettos or a pair of pretty heels and you'll look great!

Grey blazer with red clothes

Grey is a neutral shade and if you're looking for a way to wear a grey blazer with bold colors to create more innovative and intense looks, red clothes are a great option. Moreover with this combination, you will create a contrast that will maximize your femininity and sensuality.

In this case, we propose two super flattering but very different looks, as you can see in the picture below. The first is ideal for any occasion, pair your grey blazer with red skinnies and adds some light to your look with a white blouse; a bag and shoes in nude will be the perfect finishing touch. If you need, instead, an elegant and sophisticated outfit, there's nothing like choosing suit trousers and a grey jacket and wearing them with a blouse in red and a nice necklace.

Grey blazer with dresses

So far we have seen outfits for wearing a grey blazer with trousers, but don't think that you can't wear it with other items such as dresses or skirts. Your blazer can become the perfect complement to any dress that you have in your wardrobe, and you can also use it as a spring jacket. It is important to choose the style of your blazer according to the dress you are going to wear and this way both garments will be consistent and your final look will be a 10/10. As you see in the image below, you can go further and even risk a print dress.

Grey blazer for party outfits

Do you have a cocktail dinner or are you looking for new ideas to inspire your party outfits? Either way, you should know that a grey blazer can be your best ally for both occasions and looks fantastic at night. Pair it with a black dress and other accessories in black or for a more festive air wear it with glittery or sequined shirts. Some heels and a clutch are the perfect finishing touches.

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