What to Wear with a Blue Coat

What to Wear with a Blue Coat
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During the winter season, none of us are short of a few coats in our wardrobe. There are all different styles of coats and in a wide range of colors. Have you bought a blue coat or have one in the back of your wardrobe and don't know what to wear with it? If so, you've come to the right place because this OneHowTo article will help you to match this garment with your everyday outfits. Discover what to wear with a blue coat. Feel free to copy the looks so you look spectacular.

Blue coat with jeans

Blue is a basic color that you can easily show off every day. When you want to be practical and feel comfortable, you can combine your blue coat with jeans, no matter what shade of blue your coat is. A blue coat will usually look good with any shade of jeans but to make it stand out more, we recommend wearing a navy blue coat with pale jeans. You can add a casual look by wearing trainers, flat boots and even low-heeled shoes to make your figure more stylized.

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Blue coat with burgundy

If you're a fashion lover and follow the latest trends, this combination is perfect for you. As shown in the picture, Olivia Palermo looks great with a blue coat and burgundy-colored clothing, a seasonal color par excellence. Get yourself some cigarette pants and a maxi bag in burgundy, then complete the look with some black ballet flats and you'll look just like the current It girl.

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Monochrome blue

It has become really fashionable to wear clothes that are all the same color. Nowadays it's common to see endless monochrome looks that are really flattering in the catalogs of many major firms. If you want to join this trend and make the most of your blue coat, you just have to choose a blouse and shorts in the same tone or if you prefer, opt for a miniskirt. For a more stylish look and to add a ground-breaking touch to your wardrobe, there's nothing better than adding a pair of ankle boots or long brown boots as you can see in the picture.

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Blue coat with a black dress

A blue coat is also an elegant and sophisticated garment. If you are looking for ways to wear it at a major event or special occasion where you want to shine, then you can wear it with a pretty little black dress. Nearly every female's wardrobe contains a black dress. With heels and some accessories, they look amazing when you want to appear smart but simply dressed at the same time. It's not recommendable if you have a navy blue coat.

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Blue coat with nude

It is also possible to create a cuter and more romantic look with a blue coat. How do you do it? It's very simple! You just have to combine it with clothes in neutral tones like beige, white or pale pink and complete the outfit with nude accessories. This shade is ideal for showing off your coat more and creating a fresher look.

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