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What to Eat on a 1000 Calorie Diet

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What to Eat on a 1000 Calorie Diet

One of the most effective ways to lose weight is by reducing calorie intake. With our daily activities we burn between 400-900 calories approximately, depending on the lifestyle you have, so if you want to lose weight a good way is to consume fewer calories than your body burns so they don't build up in the body. On OneHowTo we tell you what to eat on a 1000 calorie diet so you have in mind the basics of this food regime and the foods allowed.

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Steps to follow:


With a 1000 calorie diet your body consumes less calories and, therefore, excess calories do not build up in the form of saturated fat. To lose weight fast it is important to consume fewer calories than your body needs and thus directly burn accumulations that are already in your body making you lose weight quickly and effectively. Note that, depending on the lifestyle that you take, your body tends to burn between 400 and 900 calories daily so with a diet of 1000 calories you are including very little excess which it will be very easy to burn.

What to Eat on a 1000 Calorie Diet - Step 1

It is advisable to follow the 1000 calorie diet and increase calorie burning by beginning to practice daily physical exercise they will rid your body of excess fat making you visibly reduce in size and lose weight. Generally, if you follow the guidelines of this 1000 kcal diet you can lose 1-2 kilos a week, this will always depend on your metabolism, your excess fat and if you practice sport.

What to Eat on a 1000 Calorie Diet - Step 2

Mainly, carbohydrate intake is limited in this diet, especially foods based on refined flour, and the consumption of lean meats, whitefish, fruits and vegetables is promoted; the latter two are the backbone of the diet because they have very few calories and both contain lots of fiber and water, components that help us feel more full.

What to Eat on a 1000 Calorie Diet - Step 3

If you want to know what to eat on a 1000 calorie diet you have to keep in mind is that what matters most here are the amounts of food you eat. It is a way of eating in which you have to weigh your meals and exhaustively control everything you eat at all times.

A breakfast on the 1000 calorie diet perfect to help you lose weight would be one of the ones named below:

  • Option 1: 1 slice of wholewheat bread, 1 dash of extra virgin olive oil, 1 piece of fruit, and tea or black coffee
  • Option 2: 1 slice of wholewheat bread, 1 slice of turkey, natural orange juice, and coffee or tea
  • Option 3: 30 grams of whole grain cereal, seasonal fruit, and coffee or tea
What to Eat on a 1000 Calorie Diet - Step 4

Like most weight loss diets it also encouraged to eat 5 times a day, therefore, keep in mind that mid-morning (about 11 or 12) and snack time (about 5 or 6) you should eat something to alleviate hunger and accelerate your metabolism. These snacks between meals must be very healthy, with little calories, so the following are recommended:

  • Option 1: Low fat yoghurt
  • Option 2: Fresh fruit
  • Option 3: Vegetables (carrot, celery, cucumber...)

They are options which, as mentioned before, increase the feeling of being full without too many calories and also contain large amounts of nutrients and vitamins. If you think you may feel hungry until lunchtime with these options, take a look at the best homemade superfood snacks, which are light and filling too.

What to Eat on a 1000 Calorie Diet - Step 5

Lunch is the most important time of the day for this hypocaloric diet. Mainly, at this time of day we eat vegetables, low-fat protein and, sometimes, we can include some legumes but in very small amounts. It is also important that you pay attention to how you cook your food, as you should limit the use of oil and, whenever possible, cook without oil to reduce the calories of the dishes.

The best practice to prepare your lunch is to opt for dishes cooked on the grill, papillotes, baked, steamed or microwaved; as they are culinary techniques that use little or no oil and are perfect to help you lose weight quickly.

Lunch ideas for a 1000 calorie diet:

  • Option 1: 200 grams of boiled spinach, 100g skinless chicken, 1 egg
  • Option 2: 200 grams of lettuce, rocket, tomatoes and onions. 200 grams of baked hake with lemon, 50g of cheese
  • Option 3: 200 grams of grilled vegetables (peppers, onions, aubergine, courgette, etc.), 100g baked chicken (skinless), 50 grams of peas
What to Eat on a 1000 Calorie Diet - Step 6

Dinner time is one of the most delicate in any weight loss diet because you must eat light as your body does not need many calories when sleeping. In this way, dinner is a meal in which you cannot consume starch, carbohydrates, fruits, or lettuce because these foods, if not burned off right away, build up in our bodies as saturated fats.

Examples of dinners on the 1000 calorie diet would be:

  • Option 1: 200 grams of sole and 150 grams of baked aubergines
  • Option 2: 150 grams of boiled chard and 150 grams of grilled tofu
  • Option 3: 50 grams of tomato salad (no lettuce), a 2 egg omelette and 50 grams of fresh cheese
What to Eat on a 1000 Calorie Diet - Step 7

For this method of weight loss to work it is really important that you consider a number of tips that will help you understand what to eat on a 1000 calorie diet and what you should not eat. Here we give you advice so you can be successful and lose weight once and for all:

  • In this diet you cannot eat bread except at breakfast; this bread should always be multi-grain, never white.
  • Drinking alcohol is forbidden on this diet.
  • You can drink diet drinks once per day.
  • No sugar: only ever use sweetener or sugar alternatives. On OneHowTo we help you to learn how to replace sugar.
  • You should drink 2 liters of water daily to cleanse the body and to avoid the appearance of cellulite.
  • To make the effect more visible, it is advisable to carry out physical exercise at least 3 days a week.
  • The maximum recommended duration of this diet is 2 weeks because the nutritional content is very low and you could fall ill.
  • Please check with a specialist before taking on this diet to monitor the evolution of it and determine your health.
What to Eat on a 1000 Calorie Diet - Step 8

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What to Eat on a 1000 Calorie Diet