What To Do If I Burn My Hair

What To Do If I Burn My Hair
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If some Youtube videos are to be believed, the first thing you do when you burn your hair is have a nervous breakdown. But burnt hair isn't only when it smokes and melts off the curling iron. When hair burns it can also be dry, bristly, brittle and easily breakable. These are less dramatic results of burnt hair, but they can make you lose your desired look. Causes of burnt hair include the use of irons, curlers and straighteners. But it's not just direct heat which can cause your hair to burn. Over exposure to the sun, dyes and aggressive hair treatment can cause hair to lose its health and burn more easily. oneHOWTO has some useful tips when you want to know what to do if I burn my hair.

Causes of Burnt Hair

Some people get burnt hair because their iron is too hot. The excess heat causes the damage, maybe even resulting in burning hair as you are doing your treatment. The ideal temperature for your straighteners or iron is 365 ºF/185 ºC. This is because it is hot enough to get your desired effect, but not too hot that it can damage your hair irreversibly.

However, even at this ideal temperature, you might find you get hair damage anyway. This is likely to be because of what you are doing while washing it. It may even be as simple as changing your shampoo and/or conditioner. Ideally purchase a shampoo in a professional salon or beauty centres that is specifically developed to repair and rebuild damaged hair. Your hair needs certain proteins which might be lacking in your current product.Prevention is always better than cure. If you have burnt your hair, the proteins in a good shampoo will help repair it and bring back its lustrous glory.

If you want platinum blonde looks, but want to avoid burning hair, discover how to color it without bleach.

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How to Treat Burnt Hair

Once you have chosen your shampoo, then your aftercare is also very important. This takes the goodness you have given your hair with shampoo and then seals in the moisture and nutrients. This will keep your hair looking sleek and full of life after burn damage. Apply the conditioner and leave it in for 3 to 5 minutes. Although leaving it in for longer shouldn't damage your hair, it might not give you the look you want. This also depends on hair type. You want one with good moisturizing properties which is as natural as possible.

The conditioner is just part of repairing burnt hair. Another important product to heal your hair is a nourishing hair mask. Do this once or twice a week to both repair damaged or burnt hair and to seal in the nutrients so that it won't happen again.

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Another important consideration when you want to know how to heal burnt hair is how you wash it. While a nourishing mask is important at least once a week, your hair won't get back its health if you wash it too much. There is no concrete rule on how often you should wash your hair. It depends on hair type and desired style. Just know that washing can get rid of natural essential oils and sebum. These are both needed to protect your hair from things like heat.

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Completely change your hairstyling routine if you want to combat burnt hair and thoroughly repair it. If you keep using hair dryers, irons, curling irons, etc., with the same frequency, you will never recover the natural state of your hair and will continue having hair with a very unsightly appearance. Chemically burnt hair, from things like dyes or harsh treatments, has an obvious solution. Stop using them if your hair can't take it. If you want healthier ways to color your hair, you can try our two ways of dying your hair purple without bleaching.

Leave it to air dry whenever possible, and if you are using some of these devices, previously apply a quality thermal protector that protects from heat. You might even want to reconsider your actual style. If you have naturally curly hair, but repeatedly get burn damage from trying to straighten it, maybe try letting the curls out for a while. Working with what you got is a great way to protect your hair rather than trying to make it something it isn't.

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Going to the Salon with Burnt Hair

The last way to repair your hair after it has been burnt is the the most drastic, but might also get the best results. Getting a haircut can repair the damage caused by burning as well as give you a new style which might have been a long time coming. They can start by simply trimming off damaged ends (as well as any regular split ends you may have). If you trust your hairdresser or stylist, you can also ask them advice on how you can look after burnt hair. They can also help you develop your new style and show you what can work for you and what can't.

There is another type of burnt hair we haven't spoken about yet - intentional hair burning. It is a trend which is popular in certain cultures, particularly very hot countries. Brazil is known for a hair treatment known as "candle cutting". This is where the hair is wrapped round in a thick strand and a candle flame is run along it. The flame cuts the hair and is supposed to give a natural overall neatness to the hair.

While this is something some people may have good experience with, it is not recommended for everyone. Your hair can only cope with the burning treatment if it is naturally well moisturized, isn't prone to drying out easily and is thick. Even with these qualities, your stylist should be consulted before you try any extreme treatment. This article is about what happens if you burn your hair, so we don't recommend burning it intentionally just to try out these tips and tricks.

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There are always good home remedies that can help you regain your hair's health and keep it well hydrated, moisturized and nourished. Some of the most effective to deal with burnt hair are:

  • Mixture of aloe vera and olive oil.
  • Mixture of coconut oil and almond oil.
  • Mixture of egg and honey.

You only need to mix the two ingredients, apply to damp hair, leave to act for 5 minutes and finish rinsing with a normal wash. We suggest checking other home remedies for damaged hair, by reading this article.

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