What Shoes to Wear with a Jumpsuit

What Shoes to Wear with a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are in fashion for the last few years. They look fancy, and make complete outfits despite being single pieces. If you buy the right size, you will not need to tailor them either. They are casual yet sophisticated, and can be worn at any occasion, including outdoor weddings and festivals. But if not worn correctly, they can make you look wider and shorter. The shoes that you wear with a jumpsuit can determine how well it suits you and how good your stature looks. Read this oneHOWTO article to find out what shoes to wear with a jumpsuit.

Shoes for tight fitting jumpsuits

Tight fitting jumpsuits snug with your entire body line, and your feet are completely exposed without any fabric falling on them. This means that the shoes that you wear will be fully exposed and out in the open. The footwear that you usually carry with your cropped pants or leggings will be the right shoes for a tight fitting jumpsuit. However, your options may vary, depending on where you are going and what look you want to achieve.

  • Flats: Flats are simple, narrow and streamlined. Ballerina flats with pointy toes will work well with tight fitting jumpsuits. They will also look trendy with women’s oxfords or smoking flats.
  • Boots: Boots of any height or heels will work well with tight fitting jumpsuits
  • High heels: High heel sandals and pumps will go well with tight fitting jumpsuits, but stay away from heavy heels and platform soles.
  • Thong sandals: Wearing a tight fitting jumpsuit with wide strap thong sandals will give you an ultra-casual look with maximum versatility.
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Shoes for gathered jumpsuits

These jumpsuits have draped tops and gathered pants, due to which they are also baggy and loose. But they are designed to be dressy, and look best when paired with heels. Flats are not a nice choice for such jumpsuits, as they can create an unattractive silhouette for most. Though you don’t need to go extra-high, but mid-height heels can be a great choice. Low heels can also work fine with gathered jumpsuits. When it comes to styles, go for low-cut pumps, wedge sandals, sandals with straps, low heel slides etc. Little bulky shoes will take some of the volume of such jumpsuits, but stay away from anything that looks too heavy or masculine.

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Shoes for loose jumpsuits

Mostly, loose and baggy jumpsuits are intended to be casual, and casual should be your footwear too. For a jumpsuit like this, you should pair it with flat ankle boots or combat boots. Look for short, chunky heeled boots instead of being too dressy. If you don’t want to wear boots in this hot summer, then sneakers may be your next choice. Low or high tops will also work, in addition to sporty running shoes or puffy cross trainers. To achieve a beachy casual look, pair your jumpsuit with platform sandals of your choice.

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Shoes for wide leg jumpsuits

Jumpsuits with wide legs are common and a popular style. If you are wearing this kind of jumpsuit, then you have the widest variety of shoes to wear with it. The shoes that you wear will mostly get buried beneath the fabric of the wide legs. But because they are not going to be visible, it does not mean that you can wear any unsightly pair of shoes. The style of shoes that you wear should balance out your jumpsuit’s volume, and should be appropriate for its length as well. Heels can be fine, including thin heels, wedge heels, chunky heels, sandals, pumps etc. Other favorite styles include wedge heel sandals, wide strapped sandals, slingback pumps, platform heels and the likes. Depending on the occasion, you can choose a pair of shoes that is dressy or casual. Whatever shoes you choose, avoid selecting a pair that is too casual for your style. Jumpsuits look stunning when dressed up, but you need to accessorize them properly.

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