What Shoes to Wear with a Cream Dress

What Shoes to Wear with a Cream Dress

Wearing a cream dress opens up doors to a plethora of footwear options. You can either pair it with a neutral color shoe, or hone soft-hued footwear, or go bold with a dark catchy shade. Cream color is neutral and sophisticated, and it blends quite well with a variety of color options. When you wear a cream dress, no matter what style it is, one trick is to avoid wearing ‘matching’ shoes. Although the look does not ruin your ensemble, you have the freedom to move out of the same color family and pair your dress with rich color footwear. You can experiment with a cream dress and give yourself a different edge. Here at oneHOWTO, we will suggest what shoes to wear with a cream dress.

Bright colors

Instead of matching your dress with cream footwear, you should consider adding a color pop to your heels. Wearing cream color from top to bottom will make you look washed out. You can draw attention to your feet by wearing bright color heels, like crimson, pink and navy blue. Cream can wonderfully pull off a myriad of colors, but these colors provide a nice divide to your bottom from your outfit. While pairing shoes with cream, the bolder the color the better.

Keep your ensemble unique by contrasting the combinations. Pair the fabrics will also be effective in adding a color pop. If you have a tweed cream dress, then go with a crimson heel made of leather. If you are wearing a cream dress made of satin, then pair it with red peep-toes with jewel or bow details. If it is a patterned dress with intricate details, stick to blue pumps in leather. If you are wearing a cotton or linen cream dress, look for wedges and ballet flats. Silk, chiffon and other such fabrics go well with heeled pumps or sandals.

Cream dress and black shoes

If you are going to a formal occasion, like an award function, corporate conference or charity function, then it is better to give focus to your shoes instead of your dress. If it is a reserved event, then stock to black heels. If you are wearing a detailed cream dress, then black leather heels will direct people’s attention to that feature as well.

Neutral colors

One way to complete a cream dress is to match it with another neutral shade. The shoe that you choose should be equivalent to or a little darker than your dress. So, nude, gray and beige will be your best choices for neutral colors.

Oranges and yellows

You can go for rich hues to wear with a cream dress. Deep orange will click with the yellow shade in your cream dress, while mustard color will bring a golden touch to your ensemble. Red color with warmer undertones, like maroon and auburn, look fantastic with cream. Olive green shoes will give a luxurious vibe to your look. If it’s winter or fall season, then go for suede booties or pumps.

Pastel colors

During summer and spring months, pastel color shoes can give a nice punch if worn with a cream dress and will give you the romantic chic look you're looking for. Add a splash of color to your cream dress by pairing it with mint green or blush pink shoes. Pale purple shoes will also brighten your dress without dominating it.

Metallic shoes and cream dress

A cream dress looks cool when you pair it with a metallic shade of footwear. Try gold, copper, pewter or bronze, all of which will add some warmth to your cream dress. Go for high-heeled strappy shoes that will instantly glamorize a cream dress in delicate tone. You can even complete your ensemble by carrying accessories in metallic colors as well.

Nude and cream color dress

Buy nude pumps that match your skin tone. You can beautifully pair them with your cream colored dress. Wearing high heels will make you look even longer. Go for ivory shoes if you want to give yourself a monochromatic look. Since cream is a neutral color, you are free to experiment with black shoes, vibrant flats and colored heels.

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