What Necklace to Wear With What Neckline

What Necklace to Wear With What Neckline

A necklace is a perfect complement to any look! Whether you’re sporting a casual top of formal dress, a necklace can make an outfit. Not only does it add some character to a piece, but it also enhances your face and stylizes your neck. But, sometimes, choosing the perfect necklace can prove to be slightly tricky.

If your wondering what necklace to wear with what neckline, you’ve come to the right place! For more about necklace types and necklines with pictures, keep reading here.

Choosing necklaces for necklines

When choosing the perfect necklace for a neckline, it’s important to analyze both the piece and the pice of clothing equally. In order to pick the most flattering necklace, you will need to analyze the shape of both the garment and its neckline. For more, keep reading below where we analyze the most fashionable necklines and how to uses necklaces to enhance its shape, rather than drown it.

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What necklace to wear with a boat neckline

A boat line neckline defines a style which leaves the shoulders exposed but the collarbones covered. This neckline is perfect for a necklace, specifically because the neck is left open to show off.

When it comes to a this type of neckline, which can be somewhat suggestive, we recommend wearing a delicate and simple necklace which falls softly around the neck area. This type of delicate necklace can enhance a woman’s femininity, while at the same time making a look that much sexier.

We recommend opting for eye-catching or ‘statement’ necklaces, which can vary in design or color when it comes to its jewel or pendant.

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Necklace for strapless dress

If you love a strapless dress style, be that heart shaped or rounded, we recommend pairing it with a chocker or short necklace.

The great thing about a strapless neckline is that it offers you the freedom to play with different looks. If you’re wanting to show off a more edgy style, try a black choker. For a more 80s and 90s look, opt for a thicker beaded necklace which stylizes your neck.

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What necklace to wear with a round neckline

If you want to wear a scoop neckline, again, choose a short delicate and/or chunky necklace. The chunkier necklace will add a more boho-chic tinge to your look, while a delicate necklace will keep the outfit more formal. For this option we recommend choosing short pendant necklace that will contrast your clothes in color. the same applies to a square neckline.

Necklace for a deep V neck dress

V dress necklines are the most common and for a good reason, they are gorgeous! This type of shape requires unique jewelry, such as diamond pendants. The rule is that if you choose to wear a V line neckline, the necklace should imitate the same shape.

Opt for a diamond pendant to ensure a moire sophisticated and elegant neckline. You can also wear a long necklace that exceeds the neckline to dramatize any look.

Necklace shirt collar

Feel like wearing a T-shirt dress today? If so, pair it with a funky maxi necklace! Look for an extravagant necklace with many colors or contrast the color fully from what you’re planning to wear in the day.

Necklace for high neckline dress

One of our favorite elegant neckline choices is a turtleneck, especially in winter! The tightens of a turtle neck will allow you an opportunity to show off your favorite necklace to its fullest.

If you’re feeling daring, opt for a chunky necklace option, either extremely short or very long. In the case that you want to add a subtle touch and complement this high neck, choose a delicate choker.

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