What Jewelry To Wear With A Black Dress

What Jewelry To Wear With A Black Dress

Every woman should have an LBD in their wardrobe, as they are suitable for any occasion (except for baby related occasions such as Christenings and baby showers) and can combine perfectly with anything. When it comes to choosing the jewelry for your black dress, there are many things to take into account before choosing the right pieces. At OneHowTo we want you to look fabulous and stunning, this is why we'd like to give you some advice on what jewelry to wear with a black dress.

What color jewelry to wear with a black dress

Well, as they say, with a black dress everything goes! Your imagination can run freely and wild when it comes to colors, as a black dress is like a white canvas ready to be painted. However, there are several tips that you could use to look absolutely perfect.

Gold and silver jewelry will give your black dress a more sophisticated and expensive look, and you can combine certain pieces of jewelry with other colors such as black or aquamarine.

If you want to be more daring and modern with your jewelry, a splash of color will make you stand out of the crowd. Go for bright colors such as red, light blue, emerald green, yellow and orange.

Type of necklace according to neckline

Another crucial factor to take into account when learning what jewelry to wear with a black dress is the necklace, as this will be determined by the type of neckline your black dress has.

Long necklaces go well with turtle necks and trendy halter necks as long as the necklaces are pretty slim whereas sweetheart and 'bateau' shaped necklines can go with chunkier pieces.

For V necks, go for a medium length necklace that is pretty simple and has a motif or pendant hanging to enhance the shape of the neckline.

For strapless dresses, you can choose rounded and chunky necklaces that give a special touch to your chest.

Shoulder neckline dresses can choose between layered and chunky necklaces, whereas scoop and cowl dresses call for a more classical and fine necklace.

What earrings, rings and bracelets to wear with a black dress

We shouldn't forget about the rest of the black dress' accessories. There are some useful tips we can give you so the combination of jewelry will look gorgeous on your dress.

First of all, don't overdo it, you should learn to balance all of the jewelry, so you should only choose one chunky item. Find a statement piece, may it be a ring, lots of bracelets or bedazzling earrings and choose more discrete jewelry for the rest if you want to look effortlessly cool and no over the top..

If you are wearing very long earrings, forget about wearing a necklace, this will lengthen your face as it is and a necklace will just be too much.

It may seem obvious but combining jewelry is not only about color coordination but also has to do with material. Make sure all of your accessories have similar quality and match to perfection.

If you really want to make a statement, add a tiara or diadem for a more boho-chic look.

What jewelry to wear with a black dress according to the occasion

Of course, depending on the occasion the jewelry you wear with a black dress will change. Take a look at these tips so you never feel out of place with your jewelry:

  • For a formal event, you'll get an elegant and classic style with pearls, Audrey Hepburn style. You can also go for very fine jewelry, there is no need to be the center of attention.
  • For a night out you can bling-up and go for shiny and even diamond jewelry, as black is an elegant but subtle color for nighttime, so a bit of shine will really make a difference in your look.
  • Choose brown earthy colors for a casual and ethnic vibe.
  • For work, choose more slender pieces, it's not good to be too flashy at your job, so go for fine bracelets and rings, even maybe a slim necklace with a motif.
  • For a casual day out you can choose to be more playful, add color to your dress and combine chunky and statement jewelry so all eyes are on you. Another option is for long and thin necklaces with statement bracelets, the trendiest way to accessorize a black dress!

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