What is the Meaning of Teardrop Tattoos?

What is the Meaning of Teardrop Tattoos?

Teardrop tattoos are quite controversial when it comes to their meaning. A tear drop tattoo is, as the name suggests, in the shape of tear and is inked below the eyes where actual tears fall. In one way it is overly dramatic as people don’t want to show real tears in front of other people but would like to flaunt a teardrop tattoo in front of a crowd. It is a contradiction in itself.

In this article we will know what the meaning of teardrop tattoos is.

What is a teardrop tattoo?

Teardrop tattoos are in the shape of teardrops. It is etched below a person’s eye on either side of the face. In earlier times it was etched by jail inmates to signify their suffering and humiliation.

How teardrop tattoos became famous

Teardrop tattoos were originally inked only by jail inmates. But later on other people started inking it on their face to show masculinity.

It was later flaunted by Johny Depp in the movie "Crybaby". From then on, movie stars and rappers have flaunted it on their face from time to time. People took it as a new form of fashion and started having it on their face without realizing its actual significance.

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Various meanings of teardrop tattoos

There are various meanings of teardrop tattoos and it can’t be stated as a matter of fact that one has the actual true meaning and which one is the myth. The various meanings of teardrop tattoos are:

  1. For some people teardrop tattoos are a symbol of the lengthy time they have spent in prison as a prison sentence.
  2. A filled teardrop tattoo signifies that the person has killed someone, either a jail inmate or some person outside the jail.
  3. An empty teardrop tattoo signifies that the person has lost a loved one.
  4. Sometimes the tattoo symbolizes an attempted murder.
  5. At other times the tattoo symbolizes that one of the inmate's friends was murdered and he is now seeking revenge.
  6. For some people a teardrop tattoo is the symbol of being in a particular gang.

Teardrop tattoos can mean trouble

If you are thinking about getting a teardrop tattoo then think again. Whichever meaning or significance it may have; if you have a teardrop tattoo and you are being sent to prison for the first time then there is lots of trouble waiting inside. People who already have teardrop tattoos and are going to prison for the first time are said to make lots of enemies inside and real fast too.

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