What Is a Liquid Facelift - Everything you Need to Know

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: June 3, 2018
What Is a Liquid Facelift - Everything you Need to Know

There are many products in the market, including creams and lotions, that claim to lift up your sagging skin and make you look younger. Most of these products are useless and do not work, but when injected into your skin, certain products can bring dramatic improvements. Skin experts call these procedures ‘liquid facelifts’. Here at oneHOWTO, you will find complete details that will solve your doubts. So what is a liquid facelift? Find out about their effectiveness, side effects and procedure.

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Info about Liquid Facelift

What is a liquid facelift? A combination of fillers or muscle immobilizing products that are injected into your skin to minimize and erase your fine lines and wrinkles. Injectable products like Botox can be effectively used to lift and fill out sagging skin. This is a non-surgical procedure of improving your appearance and having a younger looking skin. Middle aged men and women who want to get rid of their crow’s feet, fine lines, vertical lip lines, volume loss and mild jowls can use this procedure to benefit significantly. The procedure can also be effective in correcting asymmetries and removing bags of skin below the chin.

Benefits of a liquid facelift

The best thing about a liquid facelift is that it makes you look young without going through a surgery. It is a non-invasive procedure that does its work within a matter of minutes. There is no recovery period required, and its effects can last as long as 12 months. As compared to surgical procedures, a liquid facelift is cheap and affordable. The entire process is painless, and it is completed within a number of injections.

How long does a liquid facelift last?

Before you know more details, it is important to be aware that its effects are not permanent and you will need to repeat the process after every few months. Depending on the products that you choose for your liquid facelift, its effects may last for a couple of months or even a whole year. Consult with your expert and make sure that the product that you choose should give you a natural look instead of giving you an alien like look. The key is to look better, but not different. You should not end up looking overdone, and the results should be gradual and moderate. You should not look several years young overnight. Moderation will leave people thinking that you must have changed your makeup, or lost some weight. You don’t want them to judge that you got a facelift job done.

What Is a Liquid Facelift - Everything you Need to Know - How long does a liquid facelift last?

Choosing the right liquid facelift product

Some fillers used in the procedure contain hyaluronic acid. It is a well-tolerated, popular product mainly because it is a substance naturally found in the body. Due to this, this product has minimal chances of having allergy issues. Such products include trademarked brands such as Restylane, Belotero and Juvederm. Products like Sculptra encourage your body to produce more collagen, and its effects also last longer. All products are different, and have their own pros and cons. So, consult your expert and choose the right product as per your individual needs and preferences.


Botox is cheaper than filler injections. Botox may range from $500 to $1200, and filler injections may range from $700 to $1800. The cost of the procedure depends on how much product will be used as per the area to be covered. Experts usually charge their rate per syringe used in the procedure. The entire procedure may take around 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

Liquid facelift side effects

As you would be injecting a foreign product into your skin, there are certain liquid facelift side effects that you should take into account before making a decision on this method:

  1. It may trigger an allergic reaction in some cases. If you are allergic to the product you have chosen, it may form lumps in your skin, or cause excess bruising and swelling. Your chance of having a problem is minimized if you use a skilled and experienced expert to carry out your liquid facelift procedure. You should go for a doctor’s skill and expertise, instead of bargain hunting for the cheapest price.
  2. Needle infections are also possible, as it comes into contact with the dermis. However, this should not be a problem if administered by a trusted professional.
  3. The rupture of face blood vessels may also occur in rare cases. This may lead to complications such as necrosis of the skin or embolism. This happens when a doctor does not inject the liquid facelift at the correct depth.
What Is a Liquid Facelift - Everything you Need to Know - Liquid facelift side effects

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What Is a Liquid Facelift - Everything you Need to Know
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What Is a Liquid Facelift - Everything you Need to Know

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