What Do Tree Tattoos Mean

What Do Tree Tattoos Mean
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Trees are recurring images in tattoos because these objects have a powerful meaning which makes them ideal for spiritual people. They are for people who belong to this culture and have established the concept of evolution as the main driver of their everyday lives. If you're thinking about this for your next tattoo but you want to know thoroughly what it is they represent, at OneHowTo.com we explain in detail what do tree tattoos mean.

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Trees are a part of nature symbolising life, and also the strength acquired over the years. There are two main ways of representing them: roots, large or thin branches with little foliage.

Tattoos of leafy trees with roots represent experience, maturity and the very strength of the human being. They are a symbol that shows that we are focused, we have grown and we are strong enough to endure what life is willing to give us.

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If you opt for thin tree branches without foliage or few leaves, this is because you think that aesthetics are what best represent you, with this evidence of the fragility of all living beings, including yourself. You show yourself as someone who, despite being exposed and fragile, can withstand the onslaught of your surroundings and stand firm on the ground.

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Amongsth the meaning of tree tattoos, we cannot ignore one of the most used and iconic images, the Tree of Life. A representation of thick and abundant roots and leaves with a somewhat circular form reminds us of the cyclical aspect of life form. This image symbolises eternity, knowledge, wisdom, forgiveness and abundance, reflecting our relationship with our own roots and ancestors to also resembling a family tree.

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The tree has also become a symbol of spirituality o religion for many cultures that believe that because of the strength and durability of these plants are the perfect image to represent the strength and permanence of our spiritual beliefs. For example, in the Celtic culture trees were the ancestors of man, while Buddha was able to reach enlightenment while meditating under a Bodhi tree.

If you believe that faith is an important and permanent feature in your life, then getting a tattoo of a tree is a great way to represent it.

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Amongst the meaning of tree tattoos it is worth having in mind the connotation of the chosen type of tree. One of the most popular is the cherry tree, known in English as cherry blossom, because this is a very popular and recurrent image in Japanese culture where it represents femininity and grace. It is a perfect image for someone who wants to externalize their relationship with their female side and beauty.

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