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What Boots To Wear With Dresses

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
What Boots To Wear With Dresses

In winter boots are the queens of all clothes: day, evening, informal, casual and formal. They are always a welcome addition to any outfit and this is not only because they help us keep our feet warm but their variety of styles make them an accessory that gives us plenty of options depending on your style and wherever you're going. But it is not always easy to know how to style them with a dress, so at OneHowTo we explain what boots to wear with dresses depending on the occasion.

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Steps to follow:


Styling boots with a certain type of dress will largely depend on your personal style and taste, it is not in any way a strict rule. What we do know is that just as the length of a dress can be considered as cocktail or elegant, it's the same with boots and it is useful to know about these concepts because it will help us choose the best pair of boots according to what we like.


Casual day dresses: for this type of attire mid-calf flat boots with small heels are great. Brown boots in particular are a great choice because they can go with everything and look great, but it doesn't hurt to have a black or caramel pair too.

Combat boots are also a great way to style a dress for a casual and romantic look.

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Cocktail-style dresses: if you are the type of person who often goes to parties and cocktail-type events then you need to have at least one pair of boots with heels (medium or high depending on your taste) of clean lines and elegant to wear them with short dresses, perfect for this type of dress. It is best to choose a plain pair that you can wear with different clothes and keep in your wardrobe for some years.

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Short and informal day/night dresses: if you can't resist this suggestive and oh so fashionable style, then the knee-high boots or musketeer boots are a great option for you. You can wear them with a day dress or an evening one at a casual event: a birthday, for meeting up with friends or a casual dinner. Your options are endless, choose the ones that go best with your wardrobe and get ready to show off those legs.

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Evening party dresses: if you love going out and always looking amazing and stylish then there is one type of footwear that you can't go wrong with: peep-toe boots, those that are open at the front like sandals. They are very smart and a great option to look chic, but if they are not your style or you just prefer something warmer then you can choose from ankle boots to our previous recommendation.

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  • It is not recommendable to wear boots at very formal events such as weddings.
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What Boots To Wear With Dresses