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What Are the Health Benefits of a Dry Sauna

What Are the Health Benefits of a Dry Sauna

Dry saunas are a great way to relax and eliminate toxins without needing to make a big effort. But they not only benefit our health, but also contribute aesthetically. If you want to know more about this topic, at oneHOWTOwe explain what the health benefits of a dry sauna are and some precautions to consider.

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Steps to follow:

Toxin elimination. Because of the high temperatures of dry saunas and the vapour concentration, they are a great way to eliminate toxins by promoting sweating and releasing everything that our body does not need.


Opens pores. Another of the benefits of a dry sauna is the fact that it opens your skin's pores and allows the elimination of impurities which accumulate in the skin and especially in our face. But after using a sauna it is important to apply a treatment to close the pores of the face again and maintain beautiful skin.


Benefits circulation. Using a dry sauna improves our circulation and blood pressure because it makes the blood vessels dilate, making the body pump more blood throughout the bod. This, in turn, boosts your pulse rate, acceleration your blood flow to up to twice its usual rate.


Muscle relaxation. They help people with pain or muscle spasms by helping them relax through the heat.Blood vessels expand, and therefore also increase muscle flexibility. At the same time it is very useful for patients with joint problems like arthritis or other conditions.


Gets rid of fat cells. They help eliminate fat cells, reducing and preventing cellulite. It therefore helps speed up your metabolism. Additionally, a dry sauna is a great option to disconnect from our problems and relax, because they help release endorphins which improve our mood and help fight problems like anxiety or depression.


However, take some precautions into account when using a sauna. They should be used for a maximum of 15 minutes because we not only lose toxins but also water and minerals, so using them in excess can be very harmful.


It is also important not to use the sauna more than three times a week. Take a shower before entering the sauna, and take another one after you leave. Wrap up well and don?t do any activities that require too much energy immediately after exiting the sauna.


In addition, it is also important to recover liquids and minerals lost through sweating. As after exercise, after leaving the sauna you should hydrate properly to recover what you lost to not affect the functioning of your body.

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What Are the Health Benefits of a Dry Sauna
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What Are the Health Benefits of a Dry Sauna