What are the best exercises to fight facial sagging?

What are the best exercises to fight facial sagging?
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A good way to fight facial sagging and prevent your skin from losing its firmness and natural smoothness is to do some daily facial exercises. Through some simple gestures that anyone can do, we can strengthen and tighten the muscles in our face, in addition to boosting our circulation and improving our skin's appearance. At OneHowTo we show you the best exercises to fight facial sagging. Don't wait to put them into practice!

Steps to follow:

Before starting your workout to avoid and prevent sagging, it is good to gently massage your face to relax all your facial muscles and boost the blood circulation in this area. Using a moisturiser, massage in small stokes.

To carry out these facial exercises correctly, it is better to stand in front of a mirror and practice them for about 10 minutes.

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Exercises for a sagging forehead.

  • A good way to tighten the muscles of your forehead and prevent premature wrinkles is to place your fingers above your eyebrows and move them up and down. Do this movement about 20 times and increase this number over the following days, when you have gained more practice.
  • Also, you can alternate this exercise with one where you place all your fingers on your forehead and push upwards, holding the pressure for a few seconds. You'll notice how tense the muscles in your forehead and eyelids are.
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Exercises for sagging cheeks.

  • An exercise to strengthen your cheek area is to breathe in and puff up your cheeks with air, then drum your fingers against them gently. Maintain this pressure for a few seconds and then exhale slowly.
  • Another great exercise to prevent sagging cheeks is to twist your lips, first to the right and then to the left side. You should notice the tension in both movements, so you will feel how tense your cheeks are.

Exercises for a sagging mouth. The contour of the lips is one of the areas of the face that, over time, may have more wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, it is important to pay attention. Practice the following exercise:

  • Place your index fingers on either side of the mouth (in the corners of the mouth) and push gently to tighten up your lips into a forced smile. Keep your lips closed during this. Hold this move for a few seconds.

Exercises for the eye contour. Exercising this area is essential to fight sagging eyelids and keep your skin smooth. Perform the following exercises:

  • Make a glasses shape around your eyes with your index fingers and thumbs to tighten the skin in this area from top to bottom. Now you must blink 20 times while maintaining the pressure. You need to feel the pressure of your fingers pulling against the blinking motion of your eyelids.
  • Another exercise that can be implemented is placing your index fingers on each of the eyebrows and pushing down. While you push, try to raise your eyebrows. Repeat at least 15 times. It will help tone the muscles around your eyes and fight your upper eyelids from sagging.

If you do all these exercises to combat sagging facial frequently on a regularly basis, you will notice the results and see how it improves the appearance of your skin.

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