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What are the Benefits of Brushing Your Hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2019
What are the Benefits of Brushing Your Hair

Despite what you might think, brushing your hair regularly and properly doesn't make it fall out more but does just the opposite. It is an action that benefits our hair in many ways. Brushing it makes your hair brighter, more revitalised and makes it grow faster and much stronger. Keep reading this OneHowTo article to discover all the benefits of brushing your hair. Feel free to make this simple habit something you do frequently on a daily basis if you want to show off much healthier and shinier locks.

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Steps to follow:


One of the major benefits of brushing your hair regularly is that this simple action stimulates blood circulation allowing all the nutrients and oxygen to completely reach the root and hair shaft, which is essential for hair to grow much healthier and look radiant.

What are the Benefits of Brushing Your Hair - Step 1

The hair is exposed to external agents throughout the day and many particles can stick to your hair cuticles and weaken them over time. This is why brushing your hair at the end of the day is such an important task, letting you remove all residues from your mane that have accumulated and leave it completely free from impurities that over time, can leave your hair damaged, dull and lacklustre.


And if you notice that your hair needs extra hydration because it is dry in parts, tends to break easily or feels rough, then brushing your hair more often can help to improve its appearance. Brushing from root to tip spreads out the natural sebum and oil from the roots of your hair throughout your locks, making them more hydrated, nourished and smooth.

What are the Benefits of Brushing Your Hair - Step 3

As you see there are many benefits of brushing your hair and they are all essential to keep your mane full of vitality and well-protected against pollutants and those agents that can damage it. Now, to get it right it is essential, above all, to choose the right brush for your hair type and use it in the right way.

To brush curly hair, it is best to use wooden brushes instead of plastic ones. And to detangle, choose a wide-toothed comb to help undo all the knots without damaging your hair.

On the other hand, if you want to straighten your hair using your hairdryer, choose round brushes as they let you concentrate the heat better for longer-lasting smoothness.

What are the Benefits of Brushing Your Hair - Step 4

The right way to brush your hair is to put your head down and start from the neck toward the tips. Then continue to brush the sides and when you've finished, bring your head back up and comb from the scalp down. For best results, the brush strokes should not be too gentle or too strong.


Don't forget to keep your brushes in perfect condition and take regular care of them. This prevents waste building up on them and getting into your mane which will end up weakening it.


How To Choose The Right Brush For My Hair

The first thing to do when choosing a good brush is to check what material it's made out of. Combs made out of plastic will generate static electricity in your hair; you're better off with ones made from other materials like boar derivatives. Good brushes can be made out of many different materials. Broadly speaking, you just need to make sure that they don't break the hair or do any damage to the scalp. Brushes with natural bristles are best, but you can also use ones with plastic bristles that have rounded tips. These are best for untangling hair.

Combs are better for styling damp or wet hair, specifically combs with thin bristles which are close together. With thick teeth combs you can give some volume to your hair, or make curls. On the other hand, brushes are good for shaping hair that's already dry, and to get the final hairstyle.

Flat brushes are mostly used for straight, problem-free hair. They can be used to flatten and add some shine to your hair while drying, but don't give you as many possibilities style-wise as other types. If you have long hair and you don't want to give it any particular style, this is the brush for you.

Choose a round brush to give your hair that shiny look. Another advantage is that brushes like this can help flatten your hair as you blow-dry it, or even help you get curls or waves. A tip for every hair type. The thinner your hair is, the closer together the bristles need to be; conversely, it's better for the bristles to be further apart if you've got stronger, more plentiful hair. This way you'll find it easier to brush your hair, and you'll be sure not to damage it.

Just as thermal or metallic brushes retain heat, there's also a type of brush that has little holes that allow air to flow through. Vent brushes are extremely useful for those days when drying your hair is more a necessity than a cosmetic issue. These types of brushes won't provide shine or volume however.

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What are the Benefits of Brushing Your Hair