What accessories can I wear with a blue dress

What accessories can I wear with a blue dress
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Sometimes when it comes to wearing a solid colour dress we face the question of how what we should wear with it. No? This is the case of precious and flashy blue dresses either in electric, royal, navy blue... which can all leave us stressed not knowing which accessories will go best with blue. So that this does not cause any problems, on OneHowTo.com we tell you what accessories to wear with a completely blue dress.


Shoes are one of the first accessories we need to go with our blue dress. Depending on the shade of blue (electrical, navy, royal, etc.) one colour of shoe will be better than another, but in general you can wear nude or skin colour, black, gold or silver shoes with blue clothes. In the latter cases, make sure they are not too bright and flashy.


Once you've chosen your shoes (preferably) look for a bag that goes with everything too. Also, chose it based on the occasion i.e. if it's for a ceremony or formal event opt for a small handbag. Whereas if it is something more casual, you can choose a big and bold bag.


When choosing jewellery, you should know that the following go with blue dresses:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bright and complementary colours, especially jewel-tones (fuchsia, red, green, purple...), especially if you like a boho touch.

You can make colorful bracelets to go with your dress by following our tutorial.

In the case of silver and gold and jewellery, you should consider your skin tone, because warmer skin tones go best with gold, while silver goes well with cooler skin tones. Just like with the bag you should choose your jewellery to go with your shoes so you're not mixing silver and gold or other colours that may clash.

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