Using honey to remove moles

Using honey to remove moles

Do you want to remove that mole that you hate so much but don't know how? The first thing you should always do is to see your doctor to get it examined and check it's not a malignant mole. After doing this, there are some natural products that you can use.

You can use certain home remedies to hide it and make it as small as possible, so in this OneHowTo article we show you step by step how to use honey to remove moles.

Steps to follow:

Moles are spots on the skin that vary in size and colour and they appear because of build-up of pigment cells. We can be born with these bumps or they can appear later in life, but in most cases they have no reason to annoy us.


The truth is that some spots are a sign of melanoma or skin cancer. That is why we recommend you to visit your dermatologist or doctor to have the mole in question examined to determine if you need to remove it surgically.

If a mole changes in appearance or grows in size, you should go to a specialist so you can determine the cause and check that there isn't anything wrong.


Likewise, some people choose to remove their moles for cosmetic reasons especially if they appear in very visible places on the body such as the face or neck. That is why there are many natural methods to try to get rid of them or hide moles without having to undergo surgery.


One home remedy for removing a mole is to use honey. The enzymes in honey are the ones in charge to help you reduce the size of the mole, a natural product with multiple benefits of honey for the skin. However, remember that you must use pure honey, i.e. that has not been processed or contains preservatives or other artificial additives.

So buy honey directly from a beekeeper or a natural health food shop which sell honey that is 100% natural.


Once you've got pure honey, you should clean the area around the mole with soap and water to remove any dirt such as sweat residue. Then, carefully apply a layer of honey onto the mole or moles that you want to get rid of. This will work to achieve the desired results by softening the skin of the area in question and, in turn, reducing the size of the mole.


To avoid getting dirt stuck in the honey when using this method, the best thing to do is to cover it with some sterile gauze and some tape. You can do this before you go to bed to leave the honey on the mole overnight to take effect. To remove it, just wash off any traces of honey on the skin.

Also, you need to keep this up and do this every day to achieve your goal. If you want, you can even do it in the morning and at night to speed up the mole-shrinking process.


Now you know how to use honey to remove moles, you should know that you can also remove moles with iodine solution.

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