Unique Haircuts

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Unique Haircuts

Tired of wearing your hair the same way all the time? Don't know what to do with your persistently unruly and tangled hair? Don't have time to maintain long hair? The solution to all these hair problems can easily be found in your hairstylist's scissors.

If you're thinking about changing your look, keep reading this OneHowTo article. We provide some ideas for unique and comfortable haircuts so that you can find the perfect style to highlight your character and leave everyone in awe. As they say, shape up or ship out! Discover the latest and most fashionable haircuts to look your best whilst staying bang-on trend. Ready?

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Chic comfort

One of the most fashionable haircuts is the bob cut, which reaches your jaw. Besides being super flattering, it will give an indie vibe to your look. You can style it so it's straight or voluminous, although it does look better when straightened. Give it a nice rounded shape so that it frames your face. This style works best with a maxi, bouncy fringe.

Another option is a wavy bob, ideal if your hair is lacking a bit in the way of volume or thickness. This is also a great option for those looking for absolute comfort but with a chic twist. Wear your parting to the side or in the centre, and boost bounce n your hair with some curling tongs. Leave your fringe straight so that it keeps the look tidy. Furthermore, this look works well with hairbands, hairpins, accessories and headdresses - think of the flappers and their cloche hats in the 1920s... it will suit any occasion!

Unique Haircuts - Chic comfort

Mid-length hair

If you're tired of your long hair, give yourself a new look and chop off those long locks for a fresher shorter cut. Why not go for the pin-up look to glam up your typical image? "How?" you ask? Easy peasy! Give your look some depth and volume by rocking a heavy fringe. Do not cut it so that it is completely straight. Go for a rounded look to add some volume. It is perfect if you have wavy or straight medium-length hair.

Another great idea is to rock those wonderful waves for a medium-length cut full of body and bounce. Shoulder-length hair is perfect for this, teamed with a nice fringe that, in this instance, should be straight as opposed to voluminous. Choose a side or centre parting - whatever suits you best. What you're looking for is a fresh image and, in turn, something with which you feel comfortable, ideal and easy to maintain from day to day.

Unique Haircuts - Mid-length hair

Retro look

Vintage styles are classics for a reason, and they are also bang-on trend - not just in terms of the clothes you choose to wear, but also with regards to your hairstyle. Loads of celebrities are choosing to hark back to the big waves of yesteryear. If you want to relive the golden era of the 50s, 60s or 70s, make a statement with a retro look. A Marilyn Monroe style with a modern twist is sure to wow. If your hair is rather scruffy and you want to reinvent your image, this hair cut is, without a doubt, the look for you.

Unique Haircuts - Retro look

Bold cuts

If you area confident lady - and why shouldn't you be? - why not go for a pixie cut? Although some people might worry that short hair can look mannish, the truth is that this haircut can be striking and feminine, and also very seductive. In addition, this is one of the most comfortable styles because it does not need too much maintenance. You can wear it slicked back with wax, leave it unkempt or wear a nice hairpiece. Short hair offers options for a number of different occasions.

For the bold and the daring, a mini-bob - the purest of Rihanna's styles - is a good option if you want to transform your look completely. This cut should be shorter on the sides, with longer hair on top - you could also try an undercut. The straighter the hair, the better. The perfect option for the boldest of people who do not want to spend too much time in combing hair - also ideal for for hot summer days. Fancy giving it a shot?

If you want to know if this dramatic cut will suit you or not, we recommend reading our article to make up your mind!

These are some unique haircuts that you can consider - of course, you can also take a look at vintage pictures and see what styles you can bring back to the future!

Unique Haircuts - Bold cuts

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Unique Haircuts
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Unique Haircuts

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