Tips to Make Yourself Look Taller

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Tips to Make Yourself Look Taller

There is no doubt that a tall stance is key to make our presence stand out - it's even considered a feature of physical attractiveness for men and women. The basic difference is that women can usually rely on the heels, while men have to opt for other more visual tricks that allow them to look as if they have gained a few centimeters or, at least, not look shorter than they are.

Want to know what your options are? Then keep reading, because at we give you some good tips to make yourself look taller that are sure to work.

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Learn how to choose the best shoes

Most women go for heels, but everyone can choose some other tricks that add some much needed inches in a very simple way. To do so, we recommend:

  • Shoe models with a slight heel such as formal or military-style boots, which usually have a sole that gives us a little more height.
  • Opt for slightly pointy shoes thus prolonging the length of your leg line and gives the impression that you are taller. This is a fool proof trick that will look good on you.
  • Choose height insoles that can be placed inside shoes to add a few but essential inches.
Tips to Make Yourself Look Taller - Learn how to choose the best shoes

Say no to long and baggy trousers

When you opt for very long trousers, you are actually shortening your height visually rather than lengthening it: Hems are very important. They should sit around the area of the laces, slightly above the heel, but no lower.

Another equally important tip is to avoid rolling up trousers as this shortens the legs and accentuates short stature. What about style? Your trousers' waists should always sit near your navel and never around your hips, since this style makes your legs look shorter.

Opt for block colours and small prints

Wearing too many colors or very large prints in the same outfit does nothing to help you look taller. So one of the most commonly used tricks to make yourself look taller is to wear pieces in similar colors to give continuity to your figure and therefore make yourself look taller. Some recommendations are:

  • Opt for dark tones instead of light or very bright, because they do not lengthen. For example you can wear dark blue trousers and a jumper in grey or another shade of blue or opt for a black, grey or blue suit with a white shirt; even though it's not all the same color, it still works well.
  • Avoid very large prints as they shorten and widen the figure. If you want a pattern, the best is vertical lines, which provide an illusion of continuity.
  • Choose a belt that is the same or similar to the shade of your trousers and does not have a buckle.
Tips to Make Yourself Look Taller - Opt for block colours and small prints

Avoid very long jackets and coats

Wearing very long jackets or coats is another common mistake. All jackets and coats you wear should be appropriate for your height, therefore it is recommended that they reach a maximum of 5 cms or 2 inches below the waist of your trousers, and no lower.

Overcoats, raincoats and other models that go halfway down your leg should be completely avoided.

Shirts in your size and skinny ties

It is very important to know how to choose the size of the clothes you are going to wear in order to not accentuate your lack of height. Therefore, as with trousers, when you choose long sleeved shirts the cuff should not fall below your wrist - otherwise it makes your limbs look shorter and makes your height more obvious.

Size is also important: Clothes that are too wide do not suit you, so choose the right fit. If you wear ties, it is better to wear thinner ones that lengthen your figure compared to thick ones.

Tips to Make Yourself Look Taller - Shirts in your size and skinny ties

Hair: best short

Long hair shortens your neck and silhouette, therefore it is only recommended for men of a certain height. If your goal is to look taller always opt for short hair and rely on styles such as those that are longer on top. In our article how to cut a slicked back undercut we give you a good idea to add some height, but if you are not sure then it is best to ask your hairdresser for the best alternatives.

Tips to Make Yourself Look Taller - Hair: best short

Always watch your posture

Finally, the best of our tips to make yourself taller: Never forget the importance of good posture. Walk and sit with your back straight and avoid slouching - remember not to lose any inches!

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Tips to Make Yourself Look Taller
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Tips to Make Yourself Look Taller

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