The Most Common Mistakes When Washing Your Face

The Most Common Mistakes When Washing Your Face

Washing our faces daily is a task that we must perform in the morning and evening to leave the skin free of debris, dirt and impurities which can eventually dull the complexion, dehydrate skin and cause the appearance of dryness in some areas. Facial cleansing seems very simple but the truth is there are many habits which we may be doing incorrectly and which will be bad for our skin. Do you want to know what these are so you can avoid them at all costs? Well, read this OneHowTo article in which we show you the most common mistakes when washing our face.

Steps to follow:

Not using the appropriate cleanser.Using plain soap is one of the major mistakes people make when washing their face; soap removes the natural oils from the skin making it more susceptible to irritation and dryness. What would be ideal? Choose a mild lotion with moisturizing and soothing components that is suitable for your skin type (normal, mixed or oily, dry).

You will find lotions in formats such as gel, milk or cream... if you do not know which to choose we invite you to read the article how to choose a facial cleanser.


Not washing hands before facial cleansing. If you do not wash and disinfect your hands before starting the facial cleansing all the accumulated dirt and bacteria will be transferred to the skin of the face. Devote just minute to washing your hands with a soap made for this purpose and rinse well with water. Then you can clean your face safely.


Rinsing with hot water. Although you prefer to use hot water in winter this is a mistake that must be avoided at all costs when washing your face as this puts the health of our skin at risk. The hot water causes the removal of natural oils which protect the dermis, leaving it dry. Therefore, it is best to rinse your face with lukewarm or cold water to keep the skin smooth and radiant.


Little or excessive exfoliation. Without doubt, the exfoliation of the face is an important task to be carried out so to remove dead cells and promote the process of renewal and regeneration of the skin. However, a common mistake in facial skin care is to exfoliate too much or, conversely, never. Ideally, skin should be exfoliated once a week and oily skin twice a weekly to be kept free from impurities. Do not overdo the exfoliation as it may cause severe irritation to the skin of the face.


Excess use of facial tissues. These are perfect for quickly removing make up on special occasions, but they should not replace your daily facial cleanser. They provide a fairly superficial cleaning and do not remove the dirt and debris accumulated in the pores, so it is always advisable to wash your face with a facial cleanser and then moisturize the skin in depth.


Not changing the towel. We close the list of common mistakes when washing our face with one error committed by many girls: using the same towel over many days. It is essential that the towel you use to dry your face is clean, otherwise bacteria and germs that have accumulated will go directly to your face making the facial cleansing you just carried out useless.


Now you know, avoid all these mistakes and your daily facial cleansing routine will work better and give you the expected results. If you want to know all the steps to wash your face and ensuring that your skin is always glowing and fresh, do not miss the following articles:

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