The most Common Hair Dye Mistakes

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The most Common Hair Dye Mistakes

Are you one of those who prefer to dye your hair at home and save money by not going to the hairdresser? If the answer is yes, we invite you to continue reading this article because we reveal all the things you should not do during the coloring process and which can negatively influence the final result. There are little habits or customs that, when avoided, will help you look spectacular with dyed hair with a much more intense and beautiful color and these also prevent putting at risk the health of your hair. Read on to learn what the most common hair dye mistakes are.

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Choosing the wrong color of dye

The color dye of choice is something we should think very carefully about considering a number of factors so that the end result is attractive and we do not play against an unflattering tone of hair.

In this sense, there is a Golden Rule that is important to keep in mind when changing the style and hair color, and this is: pick a color of dye that is 2 shades lighter than what you already have, or 2 shades darker. If you deviate from these parameters, it is very easy for your hair to look rather artificial after dyeing.

In addition to this, if you just cannot decide, there are other aspects of your image where you can try to make a good choice, as is the case in the tone of your skin.

The most Common Hair Dye Mistakes - Choosing the wrong color of dye

Bleach your hair at home

This is one of the big errors when dyeing your hair because further damage can result in even more problems, and discoloration with bleach is very aggressive and a fashion no-no if you want to get rid of deeply battered, burnt or dry hair.

Such damage can be accentuated if, in addition, bleached hair is dealt with at home by inexpert hands, so it is always advisable to leave your hair in charge of a professional stylist or a skilled barber. However, you should note that the dyes can come to lighten your hair two shades in the case of the darkest, and up to four shades when they are naturally lighter. This is to say that if desired, for example, you can change from black or dark brown to blonde, but you must first bleach your hair and then apply the dye. Thus it prevents the final color from being oxidized or turning to a nasty shade of orange or green.

The most Common Hair Dye Mistakes - Bleach your hair at home

Not protecting your hair

Just as you protect your hair before drying with a dryer or shaping with an iron, also you should do it when you go to dye the hair. Thus, you will prevent the chemical components of the dye from damaging and and weakening hair fibers. In stores, there are many available hair protectors that you can purchase to apply on your hair before coloring and which keep the hair perfectly protected. So, do not hesitate to get one!

On the other hand, if your hair is completely healthy, it will not be damaged by the dye and the end result will be much more flattering. Check if there is damaged parts, and you fail to cut the problematic tips, remove them. That way you will leave your hair healthy and radiant.

The most Common Hair Dye Mistakes - Not protecting your hair

Not a previous test with the product

The chemical ingredients that are contained in many of the commercial dyes that are available on the market can irritate the scalp, leading to a very troublesome allergic reaction.

So that this does not happen, there is a simple way to avoid it. That is to carry out a small test before dyeing the hair. Place a small amount of dye behind the ear and wait about 48 hours to see how the product reacts on the skin. If you find it irritating, then do not use it and buy a new one that is as natural as possible.

The most Common Hair Dye Mistakes - Not a previous test with the product

Misapplying dye

Another common error is to dye your hair using the wrong type of product, and so it is essential to notice this if you want to get a uniform color that is even, intense and beautiful.

It is advisable to start applying the dye superficially, but you must separate the strands or capillaries into strands and go about slapping on the product from root to tip. Read the instructions accompanying the dye and follow them at all times.

Those who only need to do their roots, should not dye their whole hair, because then the risk of nasty colored strands becomes all the more likely.

The most Common Hair Dye Mistakes - Misapplying dye

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The most Common Hair Dye Mistakes
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The most Common Hair Dye Mistakes

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