The Meaning of a Double Triangle Tattoo

The Meaning of a Double Triangle Tattoo

Discover the meaning of the double triangle tattoo at oneHOWTO. Depending on the orientation of the triangle, the meaning of the tattoo will change. It can represent Fire and Air or Water and Earth. But from one civilization to another, from one era to another, the symbol takes on a different meaning in each case. Keep on reading this article to discover what the meaning of a double triangle tattoo is.

Triangle pointing down

This triangle symbolizes:

  • Women
  • Femininity
  • Maternity
  • The moon
  • Earth
  • The cosmic World

Triangle pointing upwards

This triangle symbolizes:

  • Men
  • Masculinity
  • Parenting
  • The sun
  • Fire
  • Sub-cosmic world

Meaning of two superimposed triangles

Two superimposed triangles are a symbol from alchemy that symbolize:

  • The element of Air if they point upwards. We associate air with imagination and spirituality.
  • The element of the Earth if they point downwards. Earth is associated with fertility, birth and growth. More generally, it is the symbol of creation and construction.

You may find double triangle tattoos, especially on wrists, that are superimposed but have different colors, especially when one is red and the other is black. There is no official meaning to it, though it is true that red triangles were used in Nazi concentration camps to identify prisoners. If the red triangle was pointing upwards, it meant the person was a prisoner of war if you wore it downwards, this means it was a political prisoner. It may feel appropriate to have one red triangle tattoo if you want to pay homage to a long lost member of your family who was in a concentration camp during WWII.

Meaning of two opposite triangles

When the triangles are opposite or back to back, they represent Fire (tip-up) and Water (tip-down), two complementary alchemical elements. When the spikes are joined, there is a confrontation of the two elements. When the bases are joined, there is cohabitation.

Meaning of the star of David

The Star of David is the symbol of Judaism. The two triangles represent the seal of Solomon and represent the union of divine heaven and material earth. In other words, the Ether, the One, the harmony of the cosmic and extra-cosmic world, the perfect balance.

Viking Valknut

Valknut or Hrunger's heart served to call the Valkyries before a fight. If the Viking warrior died on the battlefield, the Valkyries would take body to Valhalla, the paradise for the Vikings. These two triangles symbolize the passage of valor in the beyond.

Mixed faith

There are other meanings to two triangles, as many as you want to give them. If you come from a family of two faiths, your mother's family is devote to one religion and your father's side is faithful to another, this could also symbolize the communion between both and how you embrace spirituality from both religions.

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