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The Best Sarees For your Wedding Reception

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: March 24, 2022
The Best Sarees For your Wedding Reception

When asked about the best sarees for your wedding reception, different people may give you different recommendations, thereby making your choice tougher than before. Indian women love sarees, and at their reception, they want the best one that is worked upon very well by the designers. If you are also looking for a saree that you would like to wear at your wedding reception, OneHowTo.com will tell you about a few things you have to look for.

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  1. Quality fabric
  2. Color range
  3. Design
  4. Tradition
  5. Price range
  6. Other things to take into account

Quality fabric

Designers research thoroughly and decide on the best, most comfortable and most appropriate fabric to design a wedding reception saree. The fabric of the saree plays a major role, and designers also keep it as their topmost priority for designing a saree. The fabric that you choose for your saree depends on your body shape, the type of work you wish for on your saree, and your comfort level.

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The Best Sarees For your Wedding Reception - Quality fabric

Color range

Indian weddings do not have many rules to follow while choosing a saree, with the only rule that you should avoid black color. However, modern brides are open to experiment, and they are now choosing bolder colors to have their wedding reception saree on. You may choose a single color saree if you are short, or a multi-color one if you are thin. Select the color that is most suitable for your skin tone, and the occasion.

The Best Sarees For your Wedding Reception - Color range


You will undoubtedly find a myriad of designs while looking for a wedding reception saree. Designers do take care of the trends, and work accordingly to design a saree while staying in fashion. They may add embellishments like zari work, stones, beads, zardosi work, thread work, sequins, etc. With all these trappings, you can find an enchanting saree that will be a perfect wear for your wedding reception. Read more on how to wear a saree in a new style.

The Best Sarees For your Wedding Reception - Design


Saree designers give much importance to Indian traditions while designing wedding reception sarees. Different Indian religions have different traditions, and some brides ask for their religious collection only. So, while selecting a saree for your wedding reception, think if you want a traditional look or a contemporary look at your event.

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The Best Sarees For your Wedding Reception - Tradition

Price range

Most people think that designer sarees are always costly, but this may not be right. Most designers try to keep their collection within easy reach, but if you want a designer saree in good quality, then you should expect to pay for what it is worth.

Other things to take into account

So, if you are looking for a wedding reception saree, keep these points in mind and make a wise choice to make a style statement.

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The Best Sarees For your Wedding Reception