The Best Jeans for your Body Type

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Best Jeans for your Body Type

Jeans are an item that cannot be missing from any woman's wardrobe. Great to wear every day and depending on the design can go from informal to casual clothing. But beyond their design, if there is something that concerns women it is finding the perfect jeans, the ones that suit you wonderfully, fit to your figure and go perfectly with your style. Still don't know what yours is?, on we explain how to choose the best jeans for your body type.

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Steps to follow:

There is a general rule that is important to know: the light-colored or worn jeans tend to expand the figure, while dark colors make you look thinner, so if you want to hide those extra pounds always opt for intense or dark blue tones.

It is important to have at least a neutral dark pair of jeans, thus you will have a versatile pair of jeans that go with everything.


If you have big hips or a pear shape body type it is important to always choose jeans in dark colors to help you hide their size. Opt for straight cuts because this zone is less pronounced, just pay attention that the seams of the trousers are also dark and that there are no accessories that makes the r hips look bulkier.

Forget tongs, such details increase the size of your hips, just as if you opt for jeans with prints that are small, if it is very large figures only get to expand your shape. Bell bottoms are also a good investment for women with pear shaped bodies.

It is important that the waist is medium or high, low waists increase your hips.

The Best Jeans for your Body Type - Step 2

In contrast girls with small hips or inverted triangle body shape have other strategies to apply. In principle always choose jeans with back pockets, as they make your bum stand out a little more. Side details like pockets and studs are a good alternative for this type of body.

As for cuts, people with small hips favour skinny jeans with a low waist, to balance their figure, highlighting the hip area. If you like patterned trousers they are also a good choice. If you have wide shoulders, boyfriend jeans are also a great option.

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For those who are rather petite or have a rectangle body shape there are several recommendations when choosing jeans to make them look taller. The first is to avoid those low-cut trousers, high waist is the most recommended in these cases as it makes your legs look longer. We recommend mom jeans, which are also in style too.

The cut will depend on whether you have hips, but in any case the recommendation regarding the waist is the most important for this body type.

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Those who are tall and thin have body types that can wear all kinds of cuts and models. Hipster jeans suit this body type very well and skinny or straight cut.

Do not be afraid to experiment in stores and find that type of jean that goes best with your style.

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The Best Jeans for your Body Type
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The Best Jeans for your Body Type

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