The Best Hairstyles with Flower Crowns

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
The Best Hairstyles with Flower Crowns

Do you want a fresh romantic look that's packed with feminine beauty? You have to pop on one of the accessories that is the most fashionable thing this season: flower crowns. Especially on those days when the sun comes out to play, set your hair with a headband of this kind and unleash your natural side and enhance your fabulous feminine beauty. It is a perfect hair accessory to adorn on your head wherever you go and it's totally fashionable. In this OneHowTo article we will give you some ideas for hairstyles with flower crowns so you know how to make the most of this accessory as true blue fashionista.

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Side hairstyles with flower crowns

First of all we want to tell you that these headsets can be found in stores or specialized in women's fashion jewelry and accessories shops but, if you prefer, you can make yourself one of these headsets too.

Having said that, we begin with the best hairstyles for flower crowns. One is to add it to a side hairstyle, i.e., hair collected one one side to leave the other completely free and all hair falling over one's slender shoulder with romantic waves.

There are many ways to create a side hairstyle, for example, hold the hair in the neck with a pin and let it fall naturally on one side, opt for a pickup in a bun or let a ponytail fall on one shoulder... Choose the way that suits you best and start creating your perfect look.

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The Best Hairstyles with Flower Crowns - Side hairstyles with flower crowns

Flower crowns with braids

Braids are one of the elements that are more in vogue in recent seasons. The retro woman with a sweet and romantic appearance and beautiful, bountiful braids has filled the covers of many magazines. Therefore, one of the ideas for hairstyles headbands flowers is mixed with braids of all kinds as well, you will get your feminine and romantic look to increase far further.

You can choose different hairstyles as, for example, make a side braid, i.e. falling on one of your shoulders, you can also choose to make two braids and put the crown on the front of your hair or, if you prefer you can get an up-do with braids as, for example, French braids and add flowers to give a more striking touch to your hairstyle.

In this OneHowTo article, there are some ideas for fishtail braids so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and preferences.

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The Best Hairstyles with Flower Crowns - Flower crowns with braids

Updo hairstyles with floral headbands

You can also choose to have a hair up-do with the floral headband that fits on your forehead, as you see in the first image, or place it in the middle of the head, as shown in the second photo.

There are many and varied updos: from low chignons, pick up your hair to one side so that it is asymmetric and very feminine result. If you are going to get married, these hairstyles are the most recommended to achieve success with your bridal look.

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The Best Hairstyles with Flower Crowns - Updo hairstyles with floral headbands

Floral headbands and semi-updos

When we talk about semi-updos, we mean those hairstyles in which a part of the hair is collected together and the rest is allowed to flow wild and untamed. This is achieved to emphasize femininity and female hair but without the strands falling forward and disturbing the amazing individual who sports this fabulous look.

In this regard, another of the best hairstyles with flower crowns is to tie up one part of the hair, for example,and hold the strands that are usually next to face with clips holding them in the back of the head, and placed the crown over the head.

There are many ways to do your hair. You can hold it in place with hooks, as we have said on numerous occasions, you can also make a ponytail for the pretty part of your hair but leave a few salacious strands to rest on your shoulders, you can opt for a braid, and so on and so forth. Choose the one you like and get ready to succeed!

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The Best Hairstyles with Flower Crowns - Floral headbands and semi-updos

Wavy hair and flower crowns

And, of course, could not miss one of the most classic hairstyles for headbands with blooming flowers: wavy hair. Since the 60s hippie era, we began using floral elements as fashion accessories and beauty. These loose women used to wear their headbands with tousled and wavy hair. It was a sign of beauty, nature and femininity that married perfectly with the ideals of the Sixties.

Now, the boho-chic fashion recovers the essence of those women that boosted femininity through beauty and freedom, and for this reason, are so fashionable now, as flower crows can be worn with completely loose hair but, yes, with light waves in the hair to get that image of natural wild woman.

On OneHowTo, we tell you how to get wavy hair so you can get a similar image to the lovely photographs.

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The Best Hairstyles with Flower Crowns - Wavy hair and flower crowns

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The Best Hairstyles with Flower Crowns
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The Best Hairstyles with Flower Crowns

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