Nineties Style for Guys and Girls - Tips for a 90s Retro Outfit

Nineties Style for Guys and Girls - Tips for a 90s Retro Outfit
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The 1990s were a time in which fashionwas not very definite, or rather, many different styles existed at the same time. Nineties fashion was influenced by very different musical styles like rap or grunge rock, and the remains of Eighties fashion left their mark.

The decade of the Nineties is characterized by the search of individuality through dress. If you like 90s style or love everything retro, or you want to dress like Kurt Cobain, Blossom or the characters in Friends, you're in the right place.

The Nineties are back! Stay with us at oneHOWTO and learn all about Nineties style for guys and girls with our tips for a 90s retro outfit.

Survival of the Eighties

Leggings, fluorescent colors, prominent cleavage and denim fashion from the late Eighties continued well into the Nineties. This type of 90s fashion is based on the one worn during the decade before, but without being so quirky and bold. This new "simplicity" was the product of the rise of pret-à-porter shops in both female and male fashion.

Grunge style

If Eighties-style outfits are way too loud and cheesy for you, go for grunge style. As we have explained, fashion in the Nineties was marked by musical styles, and the early to mid Nineties were the days of grunge rock.

Grunge and riot grrrl bands of the Seattle area and their fans wore unkempt and messy hairstyles in the style of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Getting a grunge look is very simple, as that is precisely the point.

For guys, old looking torn jeans and a very wide, long-sleeved shirt or a sweater with stripes or checks. The bigger the better; you can also try a band T-shirt with an open baggy plaid shirt on top. Girls wore the same as boys, but they also opted for lace or velvet tea or slip dresses with a t-shirt underneath. Overall, band T-shirts or T-shirts with funny slogans or ironic logos are staples of grunge Nineties style.


Corduroy everything

The Nineties were the decade of corduroy, both in trousers and dresses. Pinafore dresses in a single color were a recurring outfit for women of all styles. Corduroy jackets with shearling collars were also very popular, and luckily they're back in fashion.


High-waisted or mom jeans

High-waisted trousers and mom jeans with a tucked in t-shirt, an understated and adaptable style, were a very popular Nineties outfit.

With this type of look you can look more like one of the lead characters from the TV series Friends, but mom jeans are back and there are many other ways to wear them without looking completely retro. Here you can learn how to wear mom jeans.


Checks and stripes

On shirts, dresses, scarves... The Nineties was the era of patterns, especially checks and stripes of various colors and sizes that took over the entire outfit. This patterned look was very characteristic of preppy styles like the ones popularized in the movie Clueless, whose protagonist Cher is an icon of the era.


Hip hop style

The Nineties was also the era of rap and hip hop, and with the expansion of this type of music also arrived caps worn back to front, wide sport clothes, huge trousers and above all bold and colorful trainers. For more inspiration, we recommend a rewatch of Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


Quirky hats

The television series Blossom made quirky hats fashionable, especially the beret type. Hats adorned with flowers and in different sizes can be a special and colorful accessory that your simple yet very personal Nineties look requires.

Foto nineties:

Nineties footwear

Depending on your style, you can finish up your Nineties-inspired outfit with combat boots or loud, colorful sneakers. If you aren't sure what to choose, you can still get 90s style by wearing the classic Converse All-Star shoes.

They come in different colors, but in the Nineties they still didn't have our most innovative designs. Go for plain yellow, navy, red or black: Instant retro!


Hair and makeup

Each Nineties subculture had its own hair and makeup trends. However, some general 90s trends included dark red, berry or brown lipstick and lined eyes.

As for the hair, many people just wore it as unkempt and messy as they wanted. However, Spice Girls-inspired pigtails and braids or Gwen Stefani-inspired buns were very popular. Here you can learn how to do 1990s hairstyles with easy tutorials for short and long hair.


This is our guide to Nineties style for guys and girls with our tips for a 90s retro outfit. Do you have any questions, ideas or advice? Tell us in the comments section!

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  • Dressing up in nineties style is very simple, but remember to go for minimalism and simplicity and avoid the glitz and color typical of the eighties.
  • As there was no defined style we recommend you look at the the television series of the time or look into what music groups were most popular at that time.