Most Common Hair Mistakes To Avoid

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Most Common Hair Mistakes To Avoid

In the struggle to have perfect hair we often resort to masks, treatments, coloring, cutting and home remedies; despite all these efforts we sometimes still lack that positive change. The truth is that hair care is no easy task as what works for one kind of hair does not necessarily work for another. However, there are common hair mistakes to avoid, things we do daily that are bad for the health of our hair. Do you want to know what these are? In this OneHowTo article we tell you what they are so you can avoid them easily.

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A common hair mistake is to not untangle hair before washing. It may seem unnecessary and many people think it silly as it will just get tangled again when shampooing. However, this is quite the opposite. Untangling your hair before washing it allows the hair to be more manageable during the wash and therefore less knots are formed. As a result you avoid split ends and after showering can brush your hair with greater ease.

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Another common mistake is to not use a heat protector when using straightening irons or a hair dryer. High temperatures are one of the greatest foes of healthy hair as it penetrates hair stands and makes them wither, burn out and lose both shine and elasticity. Protect your hair from the heat with a protective cream.

There are also many mistakes when straightening your hair, this is why we let you know about them in this OneHowTo article.

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Did you know that the right way to dry your hair after washing it is with with a cotton cloth? It turns out that towel fabrics are very aggressive and can harm the health of the hair, so it may break more easily when drying it. Prevent this from happening by drying your wet hair with an old flannel.


Washing your hair every day is another common hair care mistake. The scalp produces natural oils that moisturize the hair, give it shine, softness and vitality. The best way to take advantage of this natural process is by washing every other day. Like so your hair will absorb all the natural nutrients that your body offers and also combat dryness. In the following article you can see more details regarding how often should I wash my hair.

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Not using shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type is another common hair care mistake. When you use specialized products for your hair, you are offering your hair the specific nutrients and care it needs to stay healthy. Do not buy any product, buy the exact product your hair needs.

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Not untangling your hair properly is another common hair care mistake. You should remember that hair should be unraveled from the bottom up and with care so to eliminate knots in the tips and allowing the brush to slide from the root to the end.


Not cutting your hair is a hair care sin. When you cut the tips of you hair the natural oils that your scalp produces better hydrate the hair strands and your hair looks healthier. Ideally, your hair cut every two months to maintain healthy tips.

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Most Common Hair Mistakes To Avoid
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Most Common Hair Mistakes To Avoid

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