Makeup tips for green eyes

Makeup tips for green eyes

The key to highlighting the eyes and flaunting dramatic makeup is simply to know how to choose the tones that are most flattering for your eyes. This article is dedicated, in particular to women with green eyes. To make the most of your eyes and so they have that special shine, ideally apply the rule of contrast and choose complementary colours that provide the desired effect. Pay attention to the following makeup tips for green eyes and get inspired to try them!

Steps to follow:

Eyeshadow in brown tones. Green eyes go particularly well with the full range of brown shades. You can choose from the lighter, neutral tones like beige or taupe to even the darkest and intense chocolates or reddish browns. Apply them alone for natural daily makeup or combine them for a more striking look.


Eyeshadow in lilac tones. The best makeup trick to maximise the appeal of green eyes is to apply eyeshadow in lilac, purple or violet tones. To wear eye makeup in such vivid colours, you should use a light beige and apply it just below the eyebrow and at the corners of the eyes to shed light on this area.


Dark colours: black and grey. When it comes to highlighting the eyes, the most appropriate is eyeshadow in dark colours. For green eyes, black and dark grey tones are perfect. A great makeup trick to look dazzling at night is a smoky eyed look . If you don't want your eyes to look too harsh, opt for the smoky effect in shades of dark grey that go well with the green of your eyes. Or, opt for simple eyeliner. Find out how to apply eye liner according to your eye shape for the best results.


Metallic colours: gold and copper. There is eyeshadow in metallic shades like gold and copper, which, besides highlighting the green of your eyes, also gives you depth and an incredible brilliance to your look.


Brown eye pencils. To accentuate green eyes, although you can always turn to classic black, a great trick is to use eye pencils with brown tones. They don't have the same harshness as black and are perfect for everyday makeup.


Put into practice these makeup tricks for green eyes and get ready to dazzle everyone with a radiant and seductive look. Learn how to apply makeup according to your eye shape to create the perfect eye makeup.

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