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List Of Fruits That Burn Fat And Calories

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 22, 2022
List Of Fruits That Burn Fat And Calories

Are you trying to shed some extra pounds? Some fruits contribute towards fat loss and help to boost metabolism, making them the perfect for healthy weight loss. All foods contain calories but there are some which burn more calories as they are digested in the body than the calories they contain. These are known as negative-calorie foods and some fruits feature on this desirable list. In this oneHOWTO article we'll reveal the list of fruits that burn fat and calories, which you should include in your diet to burn excess calories and stored fat. Great, isn't it?

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Fruits should be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle as they are high in vitamins and minerals that are essential for our bodies to work effectively. On top of that, they are also ideal for those looking to slim down, given their high-fiber, low-calorie content.

The fat-burning fruits shown below are made up mostly of water and fiber which will leave you feeling fuller for longer and provide an abundance of nutrient for very few calories. Soluble fiber in fruits means the body absorbs less fat whilst also accelerating intestinal transit and therefore promotes healthy weight loss.

List Of Fruits That Burn Fat And Calories - Step 1

Apple. An apple is considered to be a "negative-calorie" food because, as mentioned above, the calories burnt whilst digesting this fruit are higher than the calories the fruit itself contains. We should point out that all food contains calories but, if you burn more calories than the food contains, you get a calorie deficit, i.e. negative calories.

Besides this, the apple is a fruit that's high in water and pectin which detoxify the body naturally and helps to dilute fat. It's also a good diuretic and is also high in fiber, which makes us feel full after eating.

List Of Fruits That Burn Fat And Calories - Step 2

Watermelon. As with apples, watermelon also requires more calories when digested than the calories it contains. It also has a high water content, which considerably lowers the calories it contains and enhances its fat-burning abilities. As it is high in water, it is also a powerful diuretic which help eliminate toxins from the body. As well as this, it contains arginine, a substance which increases glucose and saturated fat oxidation and is therefore considered to be a powerful fat-burning food.

List Of Fruits That Burn Fat And Calories - Step 3

Strawberries. This red, sweet and delicious fruit is another perfect ingredient for weight loss given its high fiber and water content, which helps eliminate toxins whilst keeping us feeling fuller for longer. In addition, strawberries are also high in vitamins and minerals which are essential for a healthy body. Composed mainly of water, this fruit is also a diuretic and helps flush out the body, preventing fluid retention and reducing cellulite.

List Of Fruits That Burn Fat And Calories - Step 4

Pineapple. It is another excellent fruit to help you lose weight and a lot of diet and weight-loss plans feature pineapple as an essential ingredient for burning calories and keeping the body in optimal condition. The reason that pineapple is so effective for weight loss is because it contains bromelain, a substance found in its juice and flesh which helps burn fat and speed up metabolism naturally. It also contains an abundance of water and fiber which help to flush the body and make you feel full after eating.

List Of Fruits That Burn Fat And Calories - Step 5

Grapefruit. This fruit is rich in nutrients and vitamins, especially vitamin C, and is another fruit to feature on many weight-loss diet plans. This is mainly due to its powerful natural diuretic properties which helps to cleanse the body without any excess calories. Moreover, it is a very healthy fruit that contains calcium, fiber, antioxidants and potassium.

List Of Fruits That Burn Fat And Calories - Step 6

Lemon. It is another fat-burning fruit which keeps your body healthy. In fact, drinking water with lemon juice has been touted as a great fasting tool as it cleanses the body, aids digestion, cleanses vital organs such as the liver and colon and improves the condition of our skin. Take a look at the lemon detox diet for more information.

But it is also a fruit effective for weight loss as it enables our body to eliminate saturated fats, reduce cellulite and speeds up metabolism which means the body burns calories quicker.

List Of Fruits That Burn Fat And Calories - Step 7

In addition to their weight-loss benefits, eating fruit is also essential for keeping the body healthy and working properly. Here, we explain in detail why it's good to eat fruit on a daily basis and what effects they have on our body:

  • Fruit regulates intestinal transit and stabilises cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Fruit is high in vitamins, including vitamins C and A, which help increase immunity, improve skin health and maintain strong bones.
  • They are also a great source of antioxidants which help to maintain health by protecting cells from free radicals.
List Of Fruits That Burn Fat And Calories - Step 8

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List Of Fruits That Burn Fat And Calories