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How To Whiten The Skin Naturally

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 28, 2017
How To Whiten The Skin Naturally

Both external agents and the passage of time end up affecting natural skin tone, turning it slightly dark and therefore more opaque and dull. If what you want is to recover its original tone and make it look alive and young again, you need not resort to commercial products or aggressive treatments. In the following OneHowTo article you have a list of natural ingredients that will help you in this task and will be your best allies to whiten skin naturally.

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Steps to follow:


Before applying any of the following treatments on your skin, it is imperative that it is clean and free of dirt and impurities. This way you be ready to fully absorb nutrients from products and make the whitening effect visible. Visit our article How to carry out a facial cleansing routine and discover the step by step instructions to perfect skin.

How To Whiten The Skin Naturally - Step 1

There are many skin whitening cosmetics made from a lactic acid base, so it is an excellent option is to use one containing milk you have at home. Just pour a few drops of milk on a cotton pad and apply it on that area you want to clear. Leave on overnight and in the morning rinse off with plenty of fresh water.

How To Whiten The Skin Naturally - Step 2

Among the natural products to lighten skin is lemon. And it is that citric acid has potent bleaching properties that can be successful. It is best to mix the juice of one lemon with another lightening ingredient such as plain yoghurt. To multiply the effects, you could add fuller's earth. If you're going to try this remedy, it is important not to expose the skin to the sun after application, since some spots may appear. We recommend you apply at night and repeat 2 times a week. You can use lemon to whiten your teeth too.

How To Whiten The Skin Naturally - Step 3

If besides whitening the skin naturally you want to leave it spotless and with no trace of impurities, you must try rice water. The starch contained in this food has traditionally been used to enhance white, so you can see how it works. Just boil a handful of rice in 2 cups water, bring to boil and once ready, chill. Then moisten a cotton pad in the rice water, pass over the area you want to treat and rinse with cold water.

How To Whiten The Skin Naturally - Step 4

We finish off our list of natural skin whitening remedies with potato juice. This is ideal for restoring tone and making it more uniform and radiant. It is also a good treatment to smooth those rough and dry areas. Blend two small potatoes, strain the resulting liquid and apply directly to the skin leaving it on for 15 minutes.

Turmeric can be used to whiten the skin too, but you should know how to remove it before applying it to your skin.

How To Whiten The Skin Naturally - Step 5

In our article Home remedies for lighter skin you'll find other effective solutions to favour your skin too. This is not all, you can also use camomile as a natural skin lightener, or hydrogen peroxide for intense clarification.

How To Whiten The Skin Naturally - Step 6

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How To Whiten The Skin Naturally