How to Wear Yellow Shoes - Yellow Shoes Outfits

How to Wear Yellow Shoes - Yellow Shoes Outfits

Yellow shoes are bold and unique, adding a splash of color to anyone's wardrobe. However, sometimes these shoes can be hard to wear. What colors are best with yellow shoes? How can men wear yellow shoes?

In this oneHOWTO article we're going to explain how to wear yellow shoes for women and also for men! We'll also include plenty of photos of yellow shoes outfits so that you feel inspired to wear your yellow heels, yellow sneakers, etc. Keep reading to learn more!

How to wear yellow heels

If you're wondering what to wear with yellow heels, we recommend you go with a classic look that cannot fail: skinny pants with bold yellow heels. This will look elegant and elevate your look while still keeping things fun with that splash of yellow.

Take a look at the yellow heels outfits below to see how some people style their yellow heels with skinny pants or trousers. A fun tip is to match an accessory, such as a handbag or purse, with your yellow shoes. It makes your outfit look even more put together!

How to wear yellow tennis sneakers

Looking for a more comfortable and casual look? Then, yellow shoes, such as sneakers or tennis shoes, might be best for you! Here, we explain what to wear with yellow shoes so you can take advantage of this striking color with some of your favorite clothes. For both a bright yellow and mustard color scheme, here are some great options:

  • Casual outfit with jeans: both classic blue jeans and black jeans are perfect when wearing yellow sneakers. Whether it is summer or winter, you can also wear a thin shirt (or T-shirt) white, black or other neutral colors.
  • Daring and fun look: if you like fashion and prefer to try more daring and bold outfits, try to wear your yellow shoes with other warm colors, such as oranfe, green, blue, etc. Check out the yellow shoes outfit below to see how this fashionista decided to wear her yellow sneakers.
  • Elegant yet informal look: another outfit with yellow shoes for women consists in combining your sneakers with a jumpsuit, a dress or a comfortable skirt that you like. If you don't want to go for a daring outfit, we recommend you go for neutral colors. If you want a more sophisticated touch, go for a yellow or neutral-colored blazer and choose a hand bag in the same color of your shoes. In this other oneHOWTO article we offer you more ideas on what to wear with a blazer.

How to wear yellow boots

When in fall or winter, you may want to opt for yellow boots instead of sneakers or heels. There are plenty of boots you can go for, not only varying in color but also varying in heel height and the tip of your toes. If you're looking for an elegant boot, you can go for boots with skinny heels and a pointy end. However, if you want something more grunge and casual, try out military boots.

To match your boots, you can wear anything from a casual outfit with jeans and a t-shirt, up to a formal outfit, such as a suit with warm colors that compliment your yellow boots.

What colors to wear with yellow shoes

Now that you know how to wear yellow shoes, heels and boots, let's take a look at what colors work best with yellow shoes. This will help you create your own outfits that really compliment the bright and bold shoes you have chosen.

You can't go wrong with more yellow

Firstly, why not add another touch of yellow into your yellow shoes outfit. This will make the color yellow the main attraction of your outfit and allow you to create a very bold and unique outfit. We also recommend you add another color to your outfit palette, such as white, black, brown, blue, etc. By using other colors, you will have more creativity and your outfit will look even more balanced and harmonious.

Take a look at the yellow shoes outfits below that decided to go with this method by adding another touch of yellow to their outfits.

Wear dark colors to help your yellow shoes pop!

Another great idea is to opt for dark colors, such as black or dark blue. This will help create contrast in your outfit and really make your yellow shoes pop and be the main star of your outfit. You can do this with a dark blue sophisticated dress or even a casual all-black outfit with black jeans and a black muscle shirt.

Create a look with these colors that will make you feel authentically yourself. Take a look at the yellow shoes outfits below that used this method when styling their yellow shoes.

Wear different shades of gray with your yellow shoes

You can never go wrong with gray or its different shades. This color works well throughout the year, whether in summer or winter, you can add gray to your color palette when creating a yellow shoes outfit. This will be a very light color that will blend well with yellow, without taking too much attention off of it.

Take a look at the yellow shoes outfits below that used different shades of gray with their yellow shoes. Which one do you like best? And don't forget to also check out our article about what to wear with a gray blazer.

Dare to wear other bright colors

Last but not least, other bright colors, such as baby blue, purple, pink or even yellow, will look great with your yellow shoes. This is definitely for the bold and the daring that have enough self-confidence to wear such bright colors. However, as you can see in the outfits below, it looks fantastic!

Matching your yellow shoes with other bright colors will show off your fun and quirky personality. It'll also show that you're not afraid to make a statement with your outfit. If you're a fashion lover that's learning about color combination and expressing yourself with your outfits, this is definitely an outfit you'll want to try.

Don't forget to also check out our article about what color shoes to wear with a yellow dress where we give you more tips on color combination when it comes to wearing yellow.

How to wear yellow shoes for men

It should be clear that whether you are a man or a woman you can follow the rules and the advice that we have proposed so far. Men can wear yellow shoes with dark colors to make their yellow shoes pop, or go for more bold colors to make a statement. Fashion has no gender restrictions. Express yourself through your fashion and have fun.

With that being said, if you want some specific ideas of yellow shoes outfits for men, we advise you to take a look at our following options below!

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