How to wear Lehenga Dupatta in Sari Style

How to wear Lehenga Dupatta in Sari Style

As the wedding season or festivals approaches every Indian girls start planning their attire which they will don for each occasion. The aim is to have a different look every time and to look the best each time. Among ethinic wear the choice is limited to Sari, Lehenga and Salwaar Kameez. Wear a dress once and your photos will be all over social networking sites and you may refrain wearing the same dress to another occasion. But your look can change drastically if you can alter the way you drape the dupatta.

Nowadays a new trend is grabbing the eyes of every girl. This trend is draping the Lehenga Dupatta in Sari style. Using this you can wear lehenga but will have the look of Sari. In this article we will know how to wear Lehenga Dupatta in Sari Style.

How to wear a half sari dupatta

The half sari is the most popular way of draping Lehenga Dupatta. The half sari style of dupatta draping looks best as it gives you a slim look along with hiding problematic areas like the waist and stomach, which means it's a great way to wear a lehenga to look slim. It is inspired from the South Indian sari draping style. This look can be achieved by the following steps:

  • Hold one corner of your dupatta and tuck it at the right side of the lehenga.
  • Now hold the other end of dupatta and bring it to your left side.
  • Then bring it to the right side by wrapping it around the back. Make sure that the dupatta is wrapped tightly around your waist.
  • Take the left part of dupatta that is on your right side and make pleats from it in the same you make pleats for sari pallu.
  • Put the pleats on your left shoulder and secure it with a pin.

Bengali Sari Look

As the name suggests this look is inspired by the traditional Bengali sari look. If the midsection is your problematic area then you can efficiently hide your flaws using this style. It also looks good on heavier women. Take a look at how to wear lehenga dupatta step by step with this easy tutorial:

  • Take one end of dupatta and pleat it. Place it on right shoulder and secure it with a pin.
  • Take the rest of the dupatta hanging from front and tuck one of its corner in the lehenga.
  • Now hold the rest of the dupatta which is at the back and bring it to the left side.
  • Take the corner of the dupatta and pleat it in such a way that only the border is visible.
  • Bring this pleated end on the left shoulder and secure it with a pin.

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Sidha Pallu – Ulta Pallu Look

This style includes two looks of sari in one. Sidha pallu is a Gujrati / Rajasthani style of wearing sari and ulta pallu is the normal way of wearing sari. When we drape dupatta in this style we get the sidha pallu look from the right side and the ulta pallu look from the back. Let's take a look at this next way to wear a lehenga dupatta in sari style:

  • In the left side of lehenga tuck one corner of dupatta.
  • Make pleats and let the dupatta fall over the left shoulder till it your reaches your feet.
  • Take the other corner of dupatta and wrap it around your waist through your back side and bring it to the left.
  • Then tuck in the dupatta in lehenga where you have tucked the first corner.

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Wear lehenga dupatta in V pallu

If you want to cover your bust area and prefer showing off your back as the main feature, then the V pallu lehenga dupatta style is the best option for you. This is a slightly different version of the Gjarata or Rjasthani pallu. Follow the step by step tutorial to get this look:

  • Tuck the top corner of your dupatta on the left part of the lehenga.
  • Create a few plates and use a pin to secure the dupatta on the right shoulder, leaving it to fall on your body.
  • Grab one corner of your dupatta and secure it on your left shoulder. Hold with your hand so the middle section creates a clear V shape on your chest.
  • Secure and you're done!
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