How to Wear Gold Makeup

By Jane Bertin. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Wear Gold Makeup

Gold is not only a precious metal - it's also money and champagne, power and fun. Gold has become huge in the past seasons, from gold leaf makeup in catwalks to gold shades in nightclubs. Gold is not just for the holiday season anymore; learning how to wear gold makeup is a must for all fashion lovers.

Empresses and rock stars have felt the pull of gold tones: now it's your turn. In this OneHowTo article, we'll help you make your best features sparkle by teaching you how to wear gold makeup.

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Find your Golden Feature

Why is golden makeup so popular? First, it works with all skin tones; from palest to darkest, from spotless to freckled. It also makes brown, green and blue eyes pop, and underlines all shades in your wardrobe. Plus, gold makeup will make you feel bold and grand when you catch everyone's eye - and it's very easy to apply!

  • Choose your shade of gold: Go for a warm, bronze color rather than a bright yellow.
  • Choose your secondary colors: Brown or pink if you're going for a natural look; blue or bright red for festive or summery occasions; purple or crimson if you're feeling royal.
  • Choose the feature that you want to draw attention to.
How to Wear Gold Makeup - Find your Golden Feature



The eyelids are the best starting point to experiment when learning how to use gold makeup. Play with eyeshadow intensity by using fluffier or harder brushes, or use your fingers.

  • For a sheer look, blend gold eyeshadow with another softer color. Concentrate the golden pigment near your lashes and the inner corner of your eyes, then let it fade outwards.
  • For a stronger statement, brush multiple layers or try gold leaf.

It's very important to frame your eyes by darkening your eyelashes and brows. Otherwise, you might look washed out. For extra sparkle, add golden mascara or false eyelashes.


If eyeshadow is not quite enough, wear gold eyeliner. Again, make sure to frame your eyes with mascara and brow pigment. It can be applied directly or on top of black eyeliner.

It's more common to line your upper lashes, but lining only the lower lashes can create a subtly interesting effect. Make sure you line also the inner corner of your eye!

  • Pencil eyeliner is easier to use and can be smoothed over.
  • Liquid eyeliner is trickier (but easily mastered) and sharper, ideal for the glamorous cat-eye line.
How to Wear Gold Makeup - Eyes


There are multiple ways of wearing gold make up on your lips, and they all look fantastic. Remember to exfoliate and hydrate your lips every day.

  • Gloss: Subtle, adds only a shimmer of something.
  • Pigment: Versatile, can be applied with pencil, mixed with your lipbalm or layered on top of your favorite shade. It works especially well with dark red or purple - you'll look positively fatal, like out of a film noir.


You can wear gold make up as the perfect highlighter. You can combine it with your contour routine, or try the baking technique for even more radiance.

You probably don't want your entire face to sparkle - the Midas touch can be a bit too deadly - so limit your golden blush or powder to above your cheekbones. Blend well by brushing downwards. You can also mix golden pigment with your go-to foundation or BB-cream.

How to Wear Gold Makeup - Cheekbones

Shimmer on!

If you want to shine wherever you go, try adding a touch of golden powder to your eyebrow pigment and brush it well. You can also wear gold in your hair for a party event, especially at night-time: You'll look like a star!

You can also wear gold body shimmer or glitter on your shoulders or décolletage. Gold nail polish is also easily available in most make-up stores. However, don't wear golden makeup all over! Be careful and mix it up with other tones.

Once you've mastered how to wear golden makeup, experiment with other tones. Why not try to wear metallic makeup? Rose gold is a sure way to hit a home run, while silver is perfect for night events.

Remember to wash your make-up off at the end of the day and to keep your skin clean and moisturized!

How to Wear Gold Makeup - Shimmer on!

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How to Wear Gold Makeup
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How to Wear Gold Makeup

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