How to Wear Galaxy Print Leggings

How to Wear Galaxy Print Leggings
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One look at galaxy print leggings and you are bound to fall in love with them. After all, who doesn’t like the mystic space and wonders what lies beyond it? Keeping the thoughts aside, we get excited over the vibrant play of colors and buy a beautiful brand new galaxy print leggings. But the real problem starts after that. Once we get these leggings in our hand we began to wonder how to pair it so that I won’t look like a freak show on the road.

To solve this dilemma of ours here is an article on how to wear galaxy print leggings.

Pair galaxy print leggings with dark colors

Since the leggings have amazing designs and colors you don't need tension about adding any more color to your outfit. Just pair it with a dark, solid color monochrome top like black, grey or white.

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Tops with galaxy print leggings

You can wear full sleeves or sleeveless tops along with galaxy print leggings. Tunic type tops which are longer at back and shorter in front look good on these leggings. Also tunics/ tops which are longer at side while shorter at the middle add a chic vibe to your galaxy print leggings.

Length of top/shirt

Always take care that your top covers your bum. Galaxy print on your bum might look a bit awkward. So, take care to caver your precious behind with a long top.

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Long shirt on galaxy print leggings

Long shirt goes well with galaxy print legging. If you have a different styled shirt like batwing shirt then it can go quite well with leggings as it adds volume to your upper part.

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Pairing galaxy print leggings with play suit

To introduce a girly vibe to your outfit yet stand out in crowd, team your galaxy print leggings with a solid colored play suit in one color.

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Jacket over galaxy print legging

Add a black leather jacket over your galaxy print legging to look sleek and stylish. You can also go with army jacket which would add a sexy and mysterious vibe to your look.

Wrap a scarf over the jacket to complete the look.

Sweater over galaxy print legging

If you want to flaunt your galaxy print legging during winter then wear a solid black color baggy sweater over the legging. You can also pair it with jumpers.

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Dress over galaxy print legging

A solid colored monochrome dress over galaxy print legging would add a funky edge to your look.

Shoes and accessories

The right shoes can make your look in the galaxy print leggings. Pumps and heeled booties would look great with these leggings. Also, black sleek boots in leather or felt would go well with these leggings.

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