How to Wear Dark Lipstick

By Alice T Breeze. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Wear Dark Lipstick

Dark, bold and matte lips are all the rage this season. With many celebrities sporting statement lips, there are some girls that fear wearing darker shades because they're afraid of looking too pale, making a mistake when applying it or thinking you're going over the top. You should not fear dark lipstick, if you follow several guidelines and write down some useful tips, you'll be able to look gorgeous in dark lips!

This is why at OneHowTo we'd like to give you some advice so you know how to wear dark lipstick properly to look your best in this beautiful trend.

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Choose the right color for your skin tone

Before you purchase a dark lipstick you should know the main rules when it comes to lipstick color, as there are certain shades that will boost your features depending on the color of your skin, eyes and hair.

For light skin tones choose skin pink or blue based lipsticks. Burgundy will also make a statement for blondes and brunettes with blue eyes will love deep purple . Deep cherry colors will work well for brunettes with brown eyes.

Maroon is the best color for medium skin tones, though you can also go for more reddish bases.

Deep red and burgundy for darker skins. Always try to choose brown based lips.

If you want to go for the vamp style Khloe Kardashian & Gigi Hadid go for Black, blue and green to make a real statement.

Make sure you test the color in the shop before purchasing the lipstick to make sure it suits you properly.

How to Wear Dark Lipstick - Choose the right color for your skin tone

Before applying your dark lipstick

To wear dark lipstick, it's vital to care for your lips properly to get the right finish. You don't want your look to be spoiled by pieces of your original lip tone slowly appearing or to be left with the color from the liner do you?

Therefore, the first step will be to exfoliate your lips to get rid of any dead skin cells, thus avoiding chapped lips. There's no need to purchase a commercial moisturizer if you don't want to, at OneHowTo we show you how to exfoliate your lips with natural remedies.

Once you have exfoliated, moisturize your lips with balm to make them smooth and make sure they don't dry out and chap once you've applied your lipstick.

How to Wear Dark Lipstick - Before applying your dark lipstick

How to apply dark lipstick

Now you've prepped properly for your dark lipstick, it's time to apply it. The first step is to apply a lip liner in the same tone as your lipstick, this will allow you to paint your lips more evenly and make it keep in place, though there are some people who prefer applying it after the lipstick to define lips even more.

It's important to use a lip brush to apply the lipstick so you don't overdo it and you can control the intensity. It will also make it easier to keep within the lines of your lips.

Once you're done, clean up any smudges if you've gone over the line and apply some concealer around the edges to define the lines of your lips even more.

How to Wear Dark Lipstick - How to apply dark lipstick

Make your lipstick last longer

If you've followed the steps mentioned above to prep your lips before painting them, this will already be a huge advance so your lip color stays intact for a longer period of time. You should also apply a very light layer of translucent powder on your lips to seal the color.

Remember to use a cotton tip to make sure the color doesn't smudge and the liner will also help keep the color in place for longer.

Combine your dark lipstick

Now you've painted your dark lips you may want to know how to apply makeup with dark lips. The best idea is to use a matte foundation to get even looking skin. Your lips will already stand out, so it's important to make sure you keep your other features low-key. Add a thin layer of eyeliner and a touch of mascara to your eyes. However, for a night out a smoky eye look can also give you the glamorous look you need.

In order to give your skin some color, apply a slight blush, better if it's a pastel tone. A great way to define this bold look is by lining your eyebrows, this will give you the vampy finishing look you've been searching for.

How to Wear Dark Lipstick - Combine your dark lipstick

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How to Wear Dark Lipstick
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How to Wear Dark Lipstick

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