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How to Wear Boots

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Wear Boots

Boots are the perfect complement for winter because they are warmer than shoes and can be combined with many styles: you can wear them with a dress, with a somewhat more formal suit, of course with jeans or a mini skirt. It just depends on the style you have and the type of boots you choose, from cowboy boots to high boots, leather, suede... well, there is a great variety in boots that will allow you to wear them on any occasion. In this OneHowTo article we give you some ideas on how wear boots.

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  1. Boots with jeans: always in fashion
  2. Boots with country dress
  3. Princess dress with ankle boots
  4. Casual style
  5. Always perfect
  6. Boots for men
  7. A pair of boots for any occasion

Boots with jeans: always in fashion

Combining jeans with boots is always a wise move because this look has never died out. Now, you can be more daring and take a further step. How? Putting on skinny jeans and high heel boots will make you look more sexy and you can select this outfit for a more special night. If you want a more casual look opt for boots without heels. The important thing about wearing boots with jeans is knowing how to combine them with what you wear on top. If the jeans are dark, definitely choose a lighter jumper or shirt, but with light jeans you can go for light or dark.

How to Wear Boots - Boots with jeans: always in fashion

Boots with country dress

This is a look that I love because it combines the romanticism of a loose, simple and comfortable dress with high boots with wide calves or musketeer boots, giving the look a country style, perfect for day to day wearing or for a weekend out. In addition, you can combine it with a straw bag or a leather bag. Either options are ideal.

For more ideas take a look at our article on what boots to wear with dresses.

How to Wear Boots - Boots with country dress
Image: diariofemenino.com

Princess dress with ankle boots

Do not tell me this look is not sexy... It is ideal for a special dinner if you want to look extraordinary. A dress with tulle skirt, like that of a princess, but giving a breaking and sexy touch with a leather jacket and a pair of black ankle boots or biker boots. It is a way of conveying your womanly wiles while not losing your feminine side. With this look you will not go unnoticed, you will see.

How to Wear Boots - Princess dress with ankle boots
Image: chicismo.es

Casual style

You can play around when you plan to wear boots. Another look we propose is this ankle boot which is open at the front, in brown leather and combined with a pair of wide shorts and a black leather jacket. I love this look because it gives a casual touch whilst being daring and bold, perfect for a night out or to go to a concert.

How to Wear Boots - Casual style
Image: diariofemenino.com

Always perfect

Take a look at this great outfit we suggest, which looks ideal with these ankle boots. The combination of these leather boots with heel and lacing are so beautiful that you can wear them with skirts or trousers. In this look, we present them with smart baggy pants. In this case, you can choose to put the bottom of the pants into the boots to make them more visible. This look is perfect for everyday, for work, for a day with clients and of course for the weekend. Is it not perfect?

How to Wear Boots - Always perfect
Image: modaytodolodemas.com

Boots for men

Who said boots were only for women? Men can also look great in boots! There are many options for men to look great such as Lumberjack boots or the military boots you can see in the picture. The only thing you need to do to look amazing in boots is to combine them with jeans or dark trousers and mix it with a shirt or jumper, to create a mix between casual and formal.

How to Wear Boots - Boots for men
Image: carrouselmc.com

A pair of boots for any occasion

We show this selection of pictures so you can see the possibilities that boots can offer you. See how the same boots can be combined with skirts, pants and a dress, according to the look you are using. Therefore, boots are an ideal complement for winter and allow you to combine several looks. So, you want a more refined look? Then you must wear them with a dress. So you want something for the office, for your day to day? Then you should choose trousers and shirt. And if you are looking for a casual and feminine style, then wear a casual skirt, you will look beautiful.

How to Wear Boots - A pair of boots for any occasion
Image: modaytodolodemas.com

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Image: diariofemenino.com
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Image: diariofemenino.com
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Image: modaytodolodemas.com
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How to Wear Boots