How to Wear Black Patent Boots

How to Wear Black Patent Boots

Patent boots have been making a strong comeback in recent fashion seasons, although this shoe style reminds some women of what they wore as little girls. Patent leather boots can, however, become a key element to your outfits. Read this OneHowTo for some ideas on how to wear black patent boots.

Steps to follow:

Patent shoes are versatile; you can wear them on those days when you need to look more sophisticated, as well as days when you're going for a casual look. Everything depends, really, on how you match the shoes. The same is mostly true for boots, but keep in mind that boots do not go with some looks.


In general, black patent boots are as easy to match as patent shoes. Keep in mind the basic rules of colors when creating your look.


Knee high black patent boots work very well with dresses with a classic cut and dark colors because they add the statement touch that your outfit is missing.

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You can wear them with pants: note that for the perfect look, you'll need to wear the boots with skinny jeans. Tuck the jeans into your boots to show them off. Go for patent leather boots in dark colors and wear light, breezy and soft colors on top.



These boots are also great for office-wear. To get the business casual look just right, you'll need to carefully select the other elements of your outfit. Formal trousers and a stylish jacket will make the perfect contrast.

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Can you match black patent boots with other patent leather items? This combo is very risky but you can pull it off if you do it right. You can use a touch of patent leather to create a style with a certain retro feeling, but you should limit where and how you use the patent leather. Patent leather boots with a vintage patent leather coat can work.



On the other hand, black ankle patent boots are great to go with dark tights and a pretty dress. It's best if it's pastel, as this will give you a cute naive look that will combine perfectly with your boots.

Another option is to wear mom jeans with folded rims over your ankle, this will give you contrast and will look especially good if you have long legs.

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  • Avoid going totally black unless you want a grunge- goth look. Combine lighter colors with your black patent boots.