How to Wear a White Dress in Winter

How to Wear a White Dress in Winter

White is a perfect color for winter as it creates brightness during the grey days of winter and creates a youthful and happy style, perfect for happy occasions such as birthdays and baby showers. If you have a white dress but you do not know how to wear it during the winter, at OneHowTo we help you create looks which will be perfect for you by combining different seasonal clothing items.

Keep reading and discover how to wear a white dress in winter, perfect to dress for both the office or a sophisticated dinner. Do not miss these tips!

With black

One of the more traditional but also nicest combinations for a white dress in winter is with black clothing. Black leggings and a black jacket will give your look an elegant and sophisticated touch; another way of breaking the white of your dress is to add a black belt which will break down the garment, giving a perfect appearance for more informal looks.

If you want a more aggressive touch in your white clothing, you can accompanying it with a black leather jacket or with leather leggings that will create a sexy rock-like image. Be bold!


With camel colour garments

Camel color is one of the best options to combine a white dress in winter perfect to go to work or to create a casual look. You can combine an item of camel color such as a jumper, a knit jacket or a coat and then dress with black leggings.

Another option is to complement using camel colour: boots, handbags or belts in camel that will give a very warm and modern touch to your style.


With white clothing

This year the biggest fashion is total look, a fashion which is based on chromatic homogeneity by way of a unicolor and elegant style. Therefore, one option to combine white clothing will be to so so with more white clothing: a white coat, a white hat, white boots... All in white! Go for the total look!


With burgundy

If you want to know how to wear a white dress in winter you can rely on one of the in colours of the season: burgundy. This combination of colors will give your look a sophisticated, winter boho and feminine touch which is perfect for any celebration. You can choose to dress with a burgundy coat or accessories to use this color: earrings, rings, scarves or handbags in burgundy. The result is spectacular!


With military green

If you want a more informal and brighter look, you only need to combine a white dress in winter with a piece of clothing in military green, whether a jacket, a cardigan or military boots. The military colour will contrast with the elegance of white giving it a perfect touch to wear daily. Do you like it?


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