How to Wear a Velvet Blazer

How to Wear a Velvet Blazer

With the holiday season approaching, you might want to start thinking about how you are going to dress up for celebratory nights and for special occasions. Nowadays, you don’t get to hear much about velvet blazers unless you frequent the high end stores and boutiques in the fashion district. This year, you may want to take your look to a higher degree of sophistication by wearing a velvet blazer instead of your usual suit. Velvet blazers are uniquely elegant and truly stunning, making them perfect for those memorable nights.

In this OneHowTo we share how to wear a velvet blazer.

Steps to follow:

The first and most important step is that you choose a velvet blazer. This garment will be the star of the outfit so take your time finding a high quality blazer that fits you like a glove. We recommend that you choose a dark blue or black colored blazer to add that extra level of finesse. You may also want go a little wild with a moss green or dark brown velvet blazer if you wish.

Make sure that it is the correct length, it fits well on your shoulders and it covers your wrists properly.


Now that you have your blazer, learn how to pair your blazer with a pair of pants. With the regards to the pants, going dark and simple is often the best choice. A pair of black or grey suit pants will work perfectly. Try to avoid very colorful pants that will not blend in uniformly and will take the spotlight away from your blazer.


For a formal occasion, layer your blazer over a clean white crisp shirt. If you are attending an afternoon event or want to make it a little bit more casual, you can wear a white T-shirt underneath instead. Should it be cold outside you can wear a grey jumper as another layer if you are wearing black pants or a black jumper if you are wearing grey pants.


Keeping with the elegant theme, make sure that you choose a dark colored tie or bow tie to accessorize a velvet blazer. Going simple will only add to the look and make you stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, you may use a simple scarf with a few colorful touches for an edgier turn.


When it comes to shoes, a black, polished pair is always a winner. Be careful choosing brown shoes if you bought a green or navy blue jacket. Sometimes it does work, but you need to be careful with color combination in menswear.


Try to make your look true to you by adding any details or accessories that make it unique and personal. For instance, wear your favorite watch, a tissue in the pocket or maybe if you feel adventurous grab yourself a neat hat just as they did in the old times.


A velvet blazer is a significant investment that doesn’t necessarily need to end up in your closet after one use. While velvet is not common in many people's closets, that is no reason for not wearing it for informal outings. Still, if you are not convinced, you may opt for renting a velvet blazer for the occasion if you don’t plan on wearing it on a day to day basis.

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