How to Wear a Poncho: Street-Style Tips

How to Wear a Poncho: Street-Style Tips

Do you have a poncho in your wardrobe but you don't know how to make the most of it? A poncho is one of the more fashionable outerwear pieces for the fall season, but its color and shape can make it hard to get right when it comes to picking the rest of your outfit.

In this OneHowTo article, we'll show you how to wear a poncho both with casual clothes and when going for something more elegant and sexy. Discover all the different ways you can wear your poncho; combine it with thigh-high boots, miniskirts or jeans, as outlined below, and cause an impression.

Steps to follow:

Ponchos were first worn by the peoples of the Andes, but they've expanded across the world in the last centuries. Since they were worn in Western movies, they've added an adventurous and daring vibe to their warm appeal. If you like the casual chic look, the best way to wear your poncho is with tight skinny jeans and heels. With this combo, you'll be making the most of this fashionable accessory while looking both elegant and sexy - and it can be very comfortable!

We recommend that you carry a small handbag to prevent your outfit from looking overloaded; by draping a bag over your shoulder you can ruin the shape of the poncho and thus make it look odd on your body.


Another accessory that goes well with the poncho is a hat. It will make your look more urban and fashionable, while highlighting your beauty; it makes a statement. In the attached picture you can see a wide-brimmed sun hat; however, there are many different styles that will look great with a poncho, including squarer designs like fedoras or even pillbox hats.


Thigh-high boots are one of the other items that go best with a poncho. They elongate and refine legs, even for chunkier-legged women, thus ensuring that the bulky poncho still looks amazing. In addition, this type of boot also manages to gives any outfit an all-time sexy and feminine edge, and can be easily combined with skinny jeans or tight trousers of any color.


Another possible combination with thigh-high boots and poncho is suggested below. The idea is to wear shorts or a short jumpsuit that leaves the upper part of the thigh visible, thus drawing attention to this part of the body and making you look edgy, fashionable and frankly spectacular. If you're cold, go for skin-colored tights which still expose your skin but won't let the cold get to you.


If your poncho is long enough to wear as a dress, don't miss the opportunity to wear it without anything else: It's the centerpiece of your outfit, after all! As you can see in the image, the result can also be extremely flattering. If you're a fan of ethnic styles, you can try to match it with fringed boots, for example, and a long necklace - especially if it's part of your own heritage.

Again, if you're cold, try putting on some flesh-colored or transparent tights to harness your look's sensual aspect but without feeling the shivers. You'll look amazing!


You can also attempt this other poncho-based outfit which will make it look more feminine and up-to-date with current trends. You need to wear a short skirt, that is, above the knees, with the poncho above it, making sure that the skirt is still in full view. However, take into account that this look makes you look wider; if you'd rather not, go for a different outfit that you can wear confidently.

Make up for that wider visual effect by picking boots - again, thigh-highs - that elongate and slim your legs. Remember that your bag should always be a handbag, so that if you hang it over your shoulder, it won't deform the poncho's shape and make it look weird.


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